Sarah Mitchell Weston

We sit down with expert nutritionist Sarah Mitchell Weston on gut health, whole foods and her exciting new collagen brand, Prochaine

Having dedicated her life to studying nutrition (holding a PhD in the area) and working privately with her clients to improve their lives and long-term vitality, Sarah Mitchell Weston carries a veritable wealth of knowledge, particularly in the realm of gut health. Bringing a fresh and scientifically-considered approach to her clients’ care, Mitchell Weston is an expert at optimising health through nutrition via whole foods, careful supplementation and nurturing in her clients a healthy relationship with the food they eat. Realistic, long-term and personalised, her programmes are known to be life-changing, and now, Mitchell Weston is taking her influence in this space one step further with her newly launched collagen and supplement brand, Prochaine. Harnessing the power of marine collagen in conjunction with a unique French melon concentrate, Prochaine’s Collagen Beauty Blend is unlike others of its kind for the way it both supports collagen production and mitigates collagen breakdown — a dual action effect that makes it a powerful addition to any daily health regimen.

Here, we sit down with Sarah Mitchell Weston to talk about how to optimise our health and nutrition, and why Prochaine might just be the key step our beauty routines have been missing.

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Exclusive Q&A

How did you get involved in the health and nutrition space? I’ve always been fascinated by diets and nutrition, maybe a product of growing up in the 80s (my mother tried every single diet conceived in that decade). But it wasn’t until my father passed suddenly at 52 (his poor diet and lifestyle had led to morbid obesity, type 2 diabetes, and eventually a lethal stroke) that a light went on, and my future direction became clear. Determined not to follow his example, I switched my university degree from archaeology to physiology and sports science, specialising in human nutrition postgrad. My passion for the subject only grew, and after a number of years in nutrition research, I launched my own private practice, Belle Époque Nutrition

What are some key aspects of health and nutrition that people often get wrong? I’d describe most people as overwhelmed, and that’s where they start to go wrong. There is so much conflicting information. We’re influenced by trends on social media and forever pursuing a quick fix. But when it comes to health and nutrition, there is almost never a ‘quick fix’ — trust me. Our health is a product of day to day choices, and it can take time to unravel destructive habits and replace them with nurturing ones. Another thing people sometimes get wrong is the pursuit of an ‘all or nothing’ approach to diet and exercise. It’s unsustainable, can lead to burnout and is the reason why dieting doesn’t work. Balancing hard work with self care will get you there eventually. 

Prochaine’s Collagen Beauty Blends

What are the health habits you personally live by? Three things: movement, eating plants, and quality sleep. I move daily. I’m not talking about seven days a week gym attendance, but engaging in daily, purposeful movement. Increasingly, research and experience is showing us that regular exercise is not just for aesthetics or fitness; it is crucial for cognitive and emotional health and longevity. Walking, cycling, playing with your kids (dog in my case), dancing, yoga are all ways to incorporate more movement into your daily life. I also eat plants every day. This can sometimes be harder than you think if you don’t plan ahead: make sure that at least your breakfast includes fruit and/or veg. Choose plant-forward options when shopping and dining out. And quality sleep — I can’t stress how essential this is for all facets of health and wellbeing. 

Let’s talk gut. What do people need to understand about this complex area of health? The gastrointestinal (GI) system is linked to literally every other organ and health system in your body. If you don’t look after your gut, there can be serious consequences for cardiovascular health, mental health, skin health and hormone production — to name a few. Gut health is quite complex, yes. There is no real definition of a ‘healthy gut’, as no two gut microbiomes are the same. And gut health is not strictly limited to the functionality of the microbiome, one needs to also consider the health of other GI organs such as the liver, for example. That being said, there are still some general principles everyone should try to follow to ensure optimal gut function. Eat probiotic foods every day — these include live culture yoghurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir. Eat prebiotic foods every day — these are usually high fibre foods, but specifically veggies like artichoke, garlic, onions, chicory. Eat a diverse range of plant foods — up to 30 different types per week. Additionally, limit intake of things that reduce the health and function of your gut and liver. These might include excess alcohol, sugar, ultra-processed foods, smoking/vaping, emulsifiers and artificial sweeteners. If you are experiencing symptoms such as IBS, inflammation, skin outbreaks, poor mood and suspect your gut health has something to do with it, look at what you are and aren’t feeding your gut and change this first. If you are confused about what you need personally, come and talk to me and my team, we specialise in gut health.

What inspired you to launch Prochaine?  I’ve taken a lot of supplements over the years, and as such spent time studying the industry and efficacy of nutraceuticals: I have learned how unregulated the system is. It’s alarming how little research there is behind common claims, and in some cases the low quality and efficacy of many products in the market. I was motivated to launch a brand that could confidently claim each product was backed by strong scientific evidence, while also including only high quality ingredients at effective doses.  

What sets Prochaine apart from other collagen powders on the market today?  First and foremost, the dual action of the ingredients we’ve selected. Our endogenous collagen stores are a result
of collagen going in and collagen out. Filling up your collagen stores with collagen is necessary, especially as we age, but not as effective if you are not taking into account collagen ‘leaks’. And free radical damage is a major collagen leak. For Prochaine, we not only sourced a very high quality hydrolysed marine collagen powder for everyday supplementation, but paired this with Holimel® French melon concentrate, a powerful antioxidant that reduces collagen breakdown in the skin. This stuff is pretty special.

Not all collagen powders are created equal. How can people sort the wheat from the chaff, so to speak? Consider three things: quantity, source and supporting ingredients. Quantity is important for efficacy: generally speaking, a daily dose of between 8-10g collagen is ideal. Source: marine collagen is hands down the superior collagen source compared to bovine or porcine in terms of absorption and bioavailability, and generally, is a more sustainable choice too. Supporting ingredients: are they proven to aid collagen production or are they just unnecessary fillers at microscopic doses? And are the essential ones included? In particular, two vital cofactors are vitamin C and zinc. Even a mild deficiency in these essential nutrients will impair collagen synthesis. Taking a collagen supplement without these cofactors renders it basically just another protein powder.

How has Prochaine helped you? I am in the age zone where a daily collagen supplement is noticeably beneficial. I now take it daily, and the main thing I’ve noticed is significantly more hydrated and younger looking skin . Basically my skin is now in appreciably better condition than it was a year ago when we launched our first product. Prochaine has become an essential part of my daily routine. As a bonus, the inclusion of vitamin C and zinc in the Collagen Beauty Blend has definitely played a role in preventing illness — I haven’t had a single cold or flu  this year.

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Yuzu Collagen Beauty Blend from Prochaine
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