Three simple ways to achieve a sharp jawline and a snatched profile

If it’s a striking profile you seek, focus first on the shape of your jawline for its potential to deliver definition and structure and improve your facial symmetry. Here, we round up three ways to achieve the defined jawline of your dreams. 

Face Yoga

The key to this is consistency. Small movements done daily can make all the difference and result in a visage that is free of lines, glowing and youthful. Our favourite proponents of this include Instagram’s @naturalfacebible (for exercises you can do at home and face-taping) and Olga Newman of FaceUp, with an app full of exercises and a clinic in Auckland where her sought-after facials have been touted as life-changing. Other in-clinic options for treatments that stretch, knead and massage your face to defined perfection include the Anti-Gravity Facial at Kumo Skin Spa, and the F. Sculpt at The Facialist. (Remember, regular treatments will yield better results.)

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Strategic Filler 

Is a little bit of chin filler the answer to your jawline woes? Apparently so. A touch of chin filler, deployed by an experienced professional can not only even out the symmetry of the face, but can elongate and accentuate the jawline, without having to actually touch the jaw at all. Genius. Look to the likes of Clinic1 for the experts in this field.


All the rage on social media, ‘mewing’ is the term given to a facial posture technique that involves keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth to change the shape of your jawline over time. So effective is this, apparently, that it can alter your face shape altogether, alongside helping with jaw pain, breathing or other orthodontic issues. 


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