This new body oil will have you glowing from head to toe

Promising a glow that extends beyond the summer months and where graceful anti-aging takes precedence, Tronque’s latest product, the Fully Ripe Vitamin C Body Oil, is delivering the kind of skincare the rest of your body has been craving. Harnessing vitamin C, the hero ingredient you’ll find in many facial routines to reinvigorate our complexions, it is now a necessary addition to our body-care routines.

The Fully Ripe Vitamin C Body Oil delivers a potent trio of ingredients for anti-aging and luminous skin. It features Vitamin C THD, which is 50 times more effective than traditional iterations of this ingredient, alongside patented ceramides and a revolutionary lipid complex that contributes to lasting moisture, skin plumping, even texture, and a supple, youthful sheen. After an arduous testing process to ensure maximum efficacy, the final formula is luxurious to apply and rich in delicious ingredients. A lightweight oil that glides onto your body post-shower, it’s neither greasy nor comedogenic. Instead, it is easily absorbed, and the perfect precursor to the brand’s coveted Body Butter.

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From essential vitamins and fatty acids to antioxidants, magnesium and beta-carotene, Tronque’s new addition is offering our bodies the nourishment they desire — and thank goodness for that. Moreover, it is rare to find a potent, hard-working formulation, made without any harmful endocrine disruptors, synthetics, or other troublesome ingredients. 

And, like all of Tronque’s products, the scent is what keeps us coming back for more. With a citrusy aroma, offering a lasting, fresh fragrance on the skin, it is a natural, fruit-inspired scent that feels perfectly suited to the summer days ahead.

We recommend you pair the Fully Ripe Vitamin C Body Oil with Tronque’s new Body Contour Massager, which operates as a gua sha for your limbs. This tool will intuitively massage the oil into your skin while depuffing and stimulating lymphatic drainage, forming the final step of a body-care routine that will have you glowing from head to toe.


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