These skin-saving plant serums are revolutionising the beauty industry

Clean beauty is open to interpretation, and with no specific definition many skincare brands who tout the words ‘organic’ or ‘green’ can wind up being misleading. With such confusion, it can be hard to find the brands that cut through the noise and actually deliver, and often we find ourselves in need of a bit of guidance. The Facialist, recent winners of Best Holistic Beauty Destination at the NZ Best In Beauty Awards, has become our trusted source for all things clean skincare, and us here at Denizen can’t get enough of its ever-expanding repertoire of effective, organic, genuine products. It goes without saying, then, that we’ve been waiting with bated breath for The Facialist’s latest brand launch Biologi, the all-natural skincare hero that has cemented itself firmly in the hearts — and beauty cupboards — of the beauty cognoscenti.

Skincare that really is worth its holistic salt, Biologi’s Australian-made serums have revolutionised the industry with their 100 per cent active, water-soluble plant extract formulas — the first of its kind in the world. (Most products have included active ingredients at about 2 per cent.) Each elixir, created by renowned skincare chemist Ross Macdougald, is a multi-purpose wonder, designed to replace your moisturiser, night cream, day cream and eye cream, condensing the wearisome multi-stage regime into one, simple step. The line consists of four main serums, Bd Luminosity, Bk Rejuvination, Bf Hydration and, the latest addition, Bqk Radiance. Each is designed with a specific target in mind but are so multi-faceted in their results that they can be used to cure a variety of skin ailments. The Bf Hydration body serum, in particular, combines a unique blend of fruit acids and vitamin C to create a formula so moisture-boosting that it’s just as beneficial when used on other areas, like the face, lips and hair.

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A unique brand that’s offering a radically different approach to skincare, Biologi really is paving the way for a cleaner, safer, far friendlier future in beauty. Once again, it seems, we’re thanking The Facialist for pointing us in the right direction, Biologi is a brand we’ll be championing evermore.

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