Support your immunity this autumn with these 6 nourishing foods

Naturally speaking, immunity has been the word on everyone’s lips of late. It’s widely agreed (and even appreciated) that supporting your body’s natural immune system and its processes is going to be beneficial when any kind of sickness comes around.

Like all fine things in life, your immunity comes back to the foods you eat. What’s on your plate when you wake, or your go-to snack from the fridge… these are all opportunities to strengthen your immunity. With a daily dose of these foods, you’re going to be putting your wellbeing first. And that’s always a beautiful thing to do.

Camu Camu Berries
Not to be missed on any immunity list is the coveted vitamin C. This winter staple has been in our family medicine cabinets for as long as we can remember; but it’s deserving of a late-summer shout out too. Although typically speaking, most would reach for a glass of cold pressed oj for a daily vit hit, some studies have shown one of the highest fruit sources is camu camu berry, which comes as a powder form that can be added to a morning smoothie for an extra dose of goodness.

Fresh Oysters
As if we needed another excuse to overindulge on the world-class Bluff Oysters at this time of year, but nonetheless, here it is. Oysters are known to be a rich source of mineral zinc, as well as a number of other important nutrients like iron and vitamin D (which play a role in immunity too). Zinc acts as a barrier in the body, which prevents pathogens and viruses from entering the cells that surround your organs. It’s a lot of science-speak, but the key takeaway here is that there’s no such thing as too many oysters.

This root is golden in more ways than one. Praised by the wellness community for decades, turmeric has started to make a name for itself in recent years. If you haven’t tried a turmeric latte, it’s a vibrant alternative to a chai or your daily coffee, and it brings the powerful nutrition benefits of turmeric to the table. The spice is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can relieve chronic pressure on the body’s immune system. Turmeric is one of those remedies that is both preventative and offers longevity. 

Mānuka Honey
One of our country’s greatest resources is the beautiful mānuka honey, which oozes with health benefits that you’re hard pressed to find anywhere else. Like turmeric, the delicious honey offers preventative and protective benefits, all the way from its antimicrobial properties to the simple way it soothes a sore throat quite like nothing else. 

Medicinal Mushrooms; Shiitake & Reishi
Medicinal mushrooms are another superfood to add to your radar, if they haven’t been there for some time already. These aren’t the kind of mushrooms that will produce any psychoactive effects, but rather the immune-supporting benefits that we’re all craving right now. Shiitake mushrooms can be enjoyed in a broth and ramen, or powdered like reishi, which can be blended into a smoothie or a superfood latte.

Probiotics; Kombucha, Kimchi & Sauerkraut
There are so many beautiful benefits that come with a daily dose of probiotics; a healthy gut, effervescent glowing skin, enhanced immunity… And they’re so easy to work into any meal. What makes probiotics truly unique is that each food introduces a different culture of healthy bacteria to your system. So have some yoghurt with breakfast, kombucha for morning tea, sauerkraut on your salad and a side of kimchi with your next dinner out.

There’s a lot right now that still remains uncertain. With so many of us eager to return to the old sense of normality, but still treat our health with the consideration it deserves – any immune supporting foods are going to be a winner in every possible way.


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