Meet Studio Box: Auckland’s newest fitness concept

The trend of using contact sports as the basis for working out exploded onto our fitness radars a few years ago and it hasn’t died down since, with everyone from Victoria’s Secret supermodels to professional athletes waxing poetic about the silhouette-sculpting workout it delivers. As with any fitness trend, however, its rise in popularity has led to a plethora of basic boxing gyms popping up everywhere, often leaving us unsure of where to go for a high-quality, professional experience. So you can imagine our interest when we heard about Studio Box — Newmarket’s new fitness studio that’s set to redefine boxing with its unique concept and exciting, unprecedented approach.

The brainchild of former Black Sticks star and celebrity trainer, Dwayne Rowsell, Studio Box is like Barry’s Bootcamp but for boxing: set to deliver high-energy, immersive and low-impact workouts that are just as effective as the high-impact variation. Far more than your average hour in the ring, Rowsell ensures you’ll be kept on your toes via a medley of calorie-blitzing, muscle-toning classes. All classes will be the same structure, comprising bag work (using water-filled punchbags, the first in the country to do so), bodyweight conditioning, shadow boxing and technique perfecting all designed to match the studio’s motivating soundtracks and lively, choreographed lights.

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Set to open this Saturday, Studio Box will hold individual classes, for $32, alongside packs of classes, and monthly memberships for those who are feeling more open to commitment. Intrigued? To celebrate the launch of Studio Box we’re hosting an exclusive introductory class, open specifically to our Denizen readers. Taking place next Monday 18th March at 7am, the free session will give Denizen readers the first glimpse into Auckland’s new fitness vanguard. So round up the troops, register your interest, and get ready to join the Denizen crew in an exhilarating sweat sesh. This is set to be a fun-filled, fitness opportunity you won’t want to pass up.

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Studio Box

17 Crowhurst Street


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