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Shark Beauty’s new SmoothStyle is the game-changing tool we’ve all been waiting for

Shark Beauty burst onto the hairstyling scene late last year and gave the category a much-needed shake-up — introducing a series of seriously impressive, powerful tools that not only get the job done to impressive effect but have been crafted with all hair types in mind, bringing diversity to the fore in a category that is seriously lacking it.

Shark Beauty’s FlexStyle tool quickly gained a cult following across both Australia and New Zealand, lauded not only for its ability to transition easily between a powerful, fast hairdryer and an ultra-versatile multi-styler (sans heat damage), but the brand’s heated comb straightener & smoother, we’ve discovered, is perhaps even more impressive.

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Using heated comb technology, Shark Beauty’s SmoothStyle straightens and smooths hair using low temperatures, which not only maintains shape and movement but ensures hair absorbs less heat — preserving the health of your hair while delivering a salon-fresh blow wave. Not to be mistaken as a simple hair dryer brush, the tool also functions as a heated straightening comb, designed to straighten and smooth hair — leaving in its wake a healthy, voluminous finish. 

SmoothStyle Heated Comb Straightener + Smoother from Shark Beauty
Saasha Burns

The most impressive feature (in our humble opinion) is this clever styler’s ability to be used on both wet and dry hair, thanks to its dual modes. This means that you can go from wet to dry hair on wash day, and simply refresh on the days that follow — smoothing everything from flyaways to ponytail creases and more. And unlike other blow-dry brushes, which can sometimes leave hair dry, frizzy, and overly voluminous, Shark Beauty’s SmoothStyle includes a combination of nylon bristles and boar bristles for grabbing, smoothing, and shining — guaranteeing a sleek finish every time.

From a wash-day blow wave that would have your hairdresser questioning your loyalty, to next-day refreshes that keep your hair looking flawless throughout the week, Shark Beauty’s SmoothStyle truly delivers salon-quality styling from the comfort of your home, in a fraction of the time, making luscious locks more attainable than ever.



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