Sarah Reid

Our Editor sits down with Sarah Reid to discuss her luxury body care brand Embodyme and the importance of self-care

Sitting at the intersection of beauty and wellness, Embodyme, the brainchild of Sarah Reid, transcends traditional beauty norms to inspire women into the realm of daily rituals for self-care. In a culture of modern beauty that continually seeks external validation, Embodyme harnesses the power of nurturing body oils as a gateway to enhanced wellbeing, echoing the profound belief that true beauty radiates from within. 

Ultimately, Embodyme was a concept born from Sarah’s own transformative journey. After 15-years spent working for a number of renowned luxury beauty brands, she faced serious burnout and decided to pursue a different path, studying health coaching at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. “I founded Embodyme to set a new bar for beauty that goes beyond skin deep” Sarah says. “Knowing the relentless demands faced by modern women and the conflict between our innate ability to nurture and the pressure of doing more, it has become too easy to lose connection with ourselves and the sense of overall wellness that comes with that.  I know that women need more opportunities in our modern world to connect with and nurture themselves.”

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Embodyme’s ‘Peace’ Nurturing Body Oil

At the heart of Embodyme lies a mandate to revolutionise our approach to beauty and wellness. Anchored in the belief that self-care isn’t a luxury but a vital necessity, the brand invites women to embrace daily rituals of self care without the feelings of guilt. It acts as a gentle reminder to make time for nurturing oneself, underscoring the importance of taking small moments, particularly for women trying to ‘do it all’. As Sarah emphasises, “women have essentially doubled their workload taking on paid work on top of their unpaid work whilst sacrificing their personal wellbeing. To thrive in our modern world, it’s more important than ever to prioritise self-care.” 

The Embodyme Nurturing Body Oils, a sublime fusion of potent plant based oils and certified natural fragrance, represent more than a skincare product. Not only have these oils been carefully created to offer intense hydration and nourishment to the skin, each one has a delicate natural fragrance designed to awaken the senses in different ways and enhance the emotions of courage, joy, peace, and kindness. Aiming to equip women with a transformative experience that extends beyond the bounds of traditional beauty, Embodyme embraces the essence of self-care, reminding women to put themselves first in an often chaotic and demanding world. As Sarah explains, “I want women to become the embodiment of self care.  We have to reimagine the framework for modern women so that we can be more connected and nurturing with ourselves, to love and care for ourselves as much as we love and care for others. Embodyme’s Nurturing Body Oils allow you to do just that.”

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Courage Nurturing Body Oil from Embodyme
Courage Nurturing Body Oil from Embodyme
Joy Nurturing Body Oil from Embodyme
Kindness Nurturing Body Oil from Embodyme
Peace Nurturing Body Oil from Embodyme

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