This detoxifying, post-Heroes facial is exactly what your skin is calling out for

A night that was filled with fun, frivolity and some expertly crafted Chivas cocktails, this year’s spectacular Denizen Heroes Gala really was one for the books. But as with all great parties, the succeeding days have begun to present evidence of our overindulgences, with our skin bearing most of the brunt. Dry, dull and now prone to a post-event breakout, our faces have never been more in need of a revitalising, hydrating facial — and on our quest to find such, we’ve stumbled across a particularly effective one — the Synergie Suprema C from Forme Spa.

Rejuvenating with a one-two punch, the Synergie Suprema C facial combines products and technology to give the face a serious reawakening. While the specific products used are strictly under wraps, what we can tell you is that the powerful solution is loaded with vitamin C crystals and hyaluronic acid to restore and sustain the skin’s moisture levels. As this works its magic on the skin, a thick, cool algae mask is brushed over the entire face. With this second layer of nourishing mask in place, a Galvanic treatment is then delivered over the top. Completely non-invasive, Galvanic treatments use mild electric currents to penetrate the skin with positive and negative ions, stimulating the skin, promoting blood circulation and increasing cell metabolism in the process.

Once the treatment is complete and the masks are peeled off, the blissful experience rounds off with a velvety, finishing moisturiser to lock in all the goodness. The result? Hydrated, glowing, revived skin that looks as though you never went to the party at all.


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