Body Catalyst, a renowned Australian aesthetics and wellbeing clinic, is opening its first NZ space

Self-love can be a lifelong internal debate. Our theory is that there should always be a delicate balance between acceptance and wanting the best for ourselves, with little compromise on either. For decades women have been putting themselves through the wringer, so to speak, for the latest in appearance and aesthetic medicine that doesn’t offer lasting results — instead, a myriad of negative self-talk and poor body image.

With this in mind, we wait with bated breath for Body Catalyst’s Ponsonby opening — the first of its kind in New Zealand after garnering a loyal set of clientele in Australia. While the body shaping treatments on offer aren’t entirely new to the global market, Body Catalyst is renowned for being strides ahead of its competitors, perhaps reflecting the need for a more holistic approach in this arena.

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Body Catalyst believes, “your body is your home and it’s the home you’ll have for your entire life”. That’s a beautiful thing, but for those who stand in the mirror and don’t like the self they see staring back, it can be disempowering. For those who lack confidence as a result of loose skin, or cellulite or stubborn pockets of fat, Body Catalyst’s approach may be a welcome addition to your self care routine.

While thousands can be misspent on gym memberships that become under-utilised and fad diets with results that fade fast, there are times that the body needs more comprehensive support, which is where Body Catalyst’s signature fat cavitation treatments come in. Designed to address common body concerns such as stubborn fat pockets, cellulite, loose skin and double chins, the treatments see a personalised approach using the latest technology in freezing, cavitation and toning & contouring therapies. This high tech take on body shaping has earned Body Catalyst widespread praise, and is one that we’re truly grateful to see arrive in Ponsonby.

Body Catalyst’s experiences are tailor-made too. The experts are not just masters of what they do, but also trained nutritionists, health professionals and aesthetic experts. It’s the rare kind of space where you know that they are invested in helping you reach your body goals and helping you maintain them, with each program personally devised for you.

Also offering a much-desired take on non-surgical facelifts, pelvic floor strengthening (mums out there will understand), abdominal separation and skin rejuvenation, alongside treatments targeted explicitly to male body concerns, there genuinely is something for everyone wanting to enhance their body the healthy way.

With our sights set on next summer already, in all its ocean-licked glory, we couldn’t be more excited to quite literally freeze our asses off when the clinic opens on Saturday the 28th of May.

Body Catalyst Ponsonby

Unit H, 1 Jervois Road,
Ponsonby, Auckland


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