We discover an Auckland-first oxygen facial treatment that’s a gamechanger for tired skin

Auckland’s Park Hyatt has many luxurious feathers in its cap, not least is its suitably refined, restorative Spa. With a range of top quality treatments on offer, and some of the most indulgent surroundings ever seen in this city, an afternoon here is the antidote to life in the fast lane. The eponymous Spa’s treatments run the gamut of relaxing to utter restoration, and in an Auckland first, they offer a facial treatment that promises to be a gamechanger for tired, ageing skin.

The Haute Couture Facial employs the highly active algae-derived V-TOX cream from London’s revered facialist Linda Meredith. V-TOX is designed for those who want to see visible results, without undergoing invasive cosmetic procedures.

The facial combines the effectiveness of V-TOX with oxygen. Oxygen was first introduced as a powerful ally in the beauty industry in the 90s and is still considered one of nature’s most powerful healing elements, having been used in the medical industry on various skin conditions for many years.

The Haute Couture facial sees oxygen applied to the face and neck, before a fine layer of V-TOX is applied all over the entire face and neck. The product is then infused into the skin by a continuous steady flow of oxygen. The production of collagen is dependant on the presence of sufficient quantities of oxygen, which is why oxygen therapy plays such an important role in the future of skin care.

The results from a 90-minute facial speak for themselves with skin feeling substantially plumper and smooth. Incredible results can be achieved with a course of six treatments close together, which will see lasting effects that remain for months.


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