Meet the six beauty products our editors use every day and swear by

In the name of research, our editors tend to spend a lot of time sourcing and trialling beauty products. We’ve found that there are those which instantly wow us, and others that have left a foul taste in our mouth (or blemish on our skin). More often than not, it’s hard to decipher those that are actually brilliant without investing a whole lot of time, money and wishful thinking. But, in a big to take you beyond the hype, we have managed to whittle down a short list of the products we use and swear by — the ones that really work.

The Eyelash Serum
RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner
This iconic serum became a mainstay in our routines earlier this year as we collectively opted out of lash extensions in favour of a more natural approach. Formulated to enhance eyelashes to their full potential, the swift, noticeable results have drawn compliments far and wide.

The Face Oil
Naked & Thriving Renew Face Serum
Every beauty regime calls for a purpose-made night-time serum for the time when your skin naturally regenerates. Naked & Thriving’s hero product is intensely hydrating and corrects and enhances by gently exfoliating skin with natural alpha hydroxy acids that refine and reveal a radiant and smooth complexion, all while you sleep.

The Eye Patches
Deepology Deepcare+ Serum-Infused Microdart Patches
More than a mere eye-patch, these serum-infused patches are versatile enough to use all over the face. Harnessing innovative, microdart technology to deliver a targeted serum deep into the skin’s dermal layers, this is the next level in at-home skin treatment. Hylauronic and amino acids, peptides and trehalose all come together to nourish fatigued, aged and dry skin, and significantly reduce wrinkles with time.

The Cult Skincare
Noble Panacea
If you haven’t heard of this skincare brand, it is widely considered the pinnacle of its kind. Created by a Nobel-Prize-winning chemist, Noble Panacea represents a breakthrough in skincare technology, and stands apart for its use of patented, OSMV™ Technology, which delivers active ingredients precisely into skin cells, improving their potency by up to tenfold and offering utterly unparalleled anti-aging results. Each of this brand’s products come as individually-packaged sachets, designed to guarantee the perfect daily dose and maintain the optimal potency of each formula.

The Whitener
Snow Teeth Whitening
Snow’s at-home teeth whitening system is a cut above the rest. Utilising ultra-concentrated (read: non-damaging) UV technology a patented serum, and a method that is controllable from your phone, beware of the numerous imitators, this product works wonders to restore teeth to their pearly white state in a matter of weeks.

The Body Buffer
Biotyspa Cellulite Cup
This small but mighty tool, works to reduce cellulite and tighten skin in the privacy of your own shower. Working on a similar principle as cupping, it breaks down cellulite by eliminating toxins and reducing water retention, flushing them from below the skin  to leave a smooth dimple free surface.


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