Nutritionist Dr. Sarah Mitchell Weston on the best supplement powders to add to your morning routine

by Dr. Sarah Mitchell Weston

In our pursuit of optimal health, we are faced with a seemingly endless array of powders and pills that promise to change our lives. But what should we actually be consuming in the mornings? Our nutritionist makes her recommendations.  

Firstly, it’s true that the morning is the best time to consider establishing a solid supplement routine. From my years of experience working one-on-one with clients, the most common feedback I’ve received is that if they don’t take something first thing in the morning, then it often gets forgotten altogether.

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Increasingly, more supplements are available in powder form, which not only allows the inclusion of multiple active ingredients, but also ensures that these ingredients can be present in more effective doses. Plus, a powder is super easy and efficient to add to a smoothie, water bottle or cereal, as opposed to having to take various tablets separately. 

And while what you need to take will depend entirely on your personal health, diet, goals and lifestyle (what may be essential for one person, won’t necessarily be useful for another), generally speaking a fantastic morning supplement blend should address the basics to kick-start your day: energy and mental performance, immunity, skin health and gut health. These can all be covered by looking out for the following ingredients and nutrients. (Those seeking personalised recommendations should talk with a registered nutrition expert, or book with me at Belle Epoque Nutrition.)


This is an everyday must for anyone over 25 years old as it promotes collagen production and boosts your total protein intake which is especially important for recovering from a morning workout, weight loss and ageing. Taking a collagen supplement that includes the necessary cofactors (such as zinc and vitamin C) for collagen synthesis is essential, to ensure that the collagen is going where it is needed most. 

Greens Powder

I always recommend to my clients to eat eight servings of vegetables every day to get the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients the body needs. But for some (including me sometimes) this doesn’t always happen. For those who can’t, a good quality greens powder including ingredients such as broccoli sprout, milk thistle, spirulina, chlorella and wheatgrass is ideal. 

Adaptogenic Botanicals

For most busy people, starting the day with anything that is going to help manage stress, anxiety, and balance mood is going to be beneficial. A few adaptogens I’ve found to have the most scientific support behind them include ashwagandha and rhodiola which can be found in powder form and added into almost anything.


From gastrointestinal health to immune support to hormonal, cardiovascular and mental health, probiotics are the heavy-lifters you definitely need to take every single day (especially given that most people are not consuming probiotic food regularly enough).

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