Business in the front, party in the back — here’s why ‘The Mullet’ is trending again

Adorning the heads of models, celebrities and star athletes alike, the mullet is one trend that we never expected to have a resurgence. But return it has, and this time, the outlook is positively cool.

There is little denying that trends are a vicious cycle, where we typically see our past looks resurface to haunt us at least once in our lifetimes. But with the current microcosm of the Internet and its inherent desire for all things new, trends are recycling faster than we imagined. And one that’s come around all too soon, is the famed mullet.

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On the right: Prada fall 22.

As prevalent on luxurious couture runways, as it is on the heads of our nation’s greatest rugby players, mullets are reclaiming their universally ‘cool’ status and staging an undeniable comeback (whether we like it, or not). Far from the disastrous mullets of the 70s and 80s, the new mullet has a decidedly elevated but shaggy look — one that points proudly to an attitude of effortless nonchalance.

On the left: Gucci Fall 22.

The pull of the mullet actually has a much longer history than anyone probably realises. Beyond the 80s ravers and further back even than Tom Jones’ 1965 flirtation with the style, ancient artefacts and literature have alluded to similar hairstyles in Britain as early as the 1st Century, where researchers described it as helpful in keeping the hair out of the eyes and maintaining warmth and protection around the neck (very practical, we think).

From the left: Christophe Robin Regenerating Shampoo from Ines. malin + goetz sage styling cream from Mecca. Sachajuan Volume Powder Volumiser Spray from Sephora. Virtue Labs 6-In-1 Styling Paste from Sephora. ORIBE Rough Luxury Molding Wax from Spring Store.

Throughout the last century, the mullet has been given the pop culture treatment and has even had a moment in queer circles (as an unofficial signifier used by gay women in the mid-1980s). And while our current rendition is decidedly more about appearance than function, its presence still recalls all the various iterations we have seen throughout history, rendering it one of the most statement-making haircuts one can sport. 

There is a certain irony to the modern mullet. Some have considered the resurgence a late symptom of the lockdown-prompted closure of hair salons around the world, while others still find it wildly outrageous. Still, it would appear that the mullet is here to stay — may as well embrace it, we say. 


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