This new foundation from L’Oréal Paris promises to actively improve the skin, not just cover it

The barrier between makeup and skincare is becoming increasingly non-existent. When we spend so much time and money caring for the base upon which we apply makeup, why then should makeup products potentially detract from this effort?

The new True Match Super Blendable Foundation from L’Oréal Paris embraces this philosophy, with an improved formulation dedicated to caring for the skin. 

The new formula contains hyaluronic acid, making it even more comfortable to wear as it delivers hydration and plumpness to the skin.

Working with every skin type — even sensitive skin — this foundation is non-comedogenic, meaning it’s created to avoid blocking the pores and creating breakouts, and scientific studies have shown two weeks of wear to result in skin that looks more unified, radiant and hydrated.

The True Match Super Blendable Foundation is, crucially, available in a diverse range of 36 shades with warm, cool and neutral undertones, meaning more people than ever can find their perfect match.

When we stop thinking of foundation as something to cover our skin, and more as something to enhance it, we can feel even more confident within ourselves. Having a product that actually works to improve the skin’s quality doesn’t hurt, either.


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