The facial experience Karen Walker swears by for maintaining her youthful looking skin

With an ever-growing fashion brand, a bustling family life and a schedule more hectic than most, Karen Walker has long incited wonder in us at how the renowned designer has kept her skin looking so gloriously youthful and stress-free over the years. Here we discuss her habits, secrets and love for Newmarket’s skincare clinic Room Nine.

How would you describe your skin type?
I actually have no idea, although I know it’s something that I should know. Perhaps it’s a good thing that I don’t know my particular skin type, maybe this means there are no problems? I think my skin’s pretty resilient, and it seems to take anything I throw at it: long flights, varied climates, Auckland summers, the occasional late night, my skin takes it all in its stride without giving me any troubles.

What, for you, defines good skin?
Clarity and luminosity are what I strive for.

What’s your biggest skincare indulgence?
Monthly facials at Room Nine and good skincare products are non-negotiables for me, while getting plenty of sleep is definitel an added bonus.

What products do you use?
I tend to use Osmosis Skin Care for everything.

How have you learnt to maintain the quality of your skin over the years?
Be generous with sleep, have a healthy diet and be sure to exercise. Be careful with sunshine, wine and sugar.

How has your skincare routine changed or evolved over time?
I found what works for me a long time ago and I’ve stuck with it.

What’s the most unique skincare treatment or technology that you’ve tried?
I don’t think I have any secrets that no-one else has discovered! For me, it’s all pretty basic stuff that I tend to opt for, although I do love to undertake a bit of LED light therapy each time I go for a facial.

We know that you’re a big fan of Room Nine, how often do you visit the skincare clinic?
Once a month, without fail.

What is it that makes Room Nine stand out from other skincare clinics?
Amelia, the Director and Skin Specialist, really gets to know your skin and tailors the experience specifically to suit your needs.

Is there a specific treatment or product from Room Nine that you would recommend?
My usual approach is to put myself in the hands of a professional and let them decide on what’s best for me, although I will admit the deep, deep cleansing and moisturising facials are amazing and I love Amelia’s LED light therapy the most — it’s like spending half an hour in the sun without the radiation!

Room Nine

16 Morrow St

09 524 6702

Image credit: Saskia Koerner


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