Improve your facial posture and symmetry with these 4 simple steps

While a saucy scowl might have a place on the runways of couture week, a dour resting face won’t age well, leaving you with stubborn frown lines and dull texture. But never fear. In the name of embracing natural beauty, we’ve found an effective way to correct and improve facial posture, using three simple steps.

Sculpting Facial Treatments

In-clinic facial treatments with pioneers in the field are going to give you those immediate, lasting results. One of our favourites is Kate Michelmore’s Buccal Massage and Anti-Gravity Facial at Skinography, where the rigorous face massages are designed to correct sagging facial posture and the results are quite literally jaw-dropping.

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At Home Gua Sha Rituals

Employing an at-home gua sha regime will extend the life of your in-clinic treatments, where the daily ritual encourages skin dexterity and constant lymphatic drainage to relax your muscles, reset your posture and bring life back to your face.

Denizen Recommends
Facegym Multi-Sculpt Gua Sha from Net-A-Porter
Gulsha Facial Massage Plate from Revolve
Hunter Lab Aura Sculpting Tool from Adore Beauty
Mount Lai Gua Sha from Sephora
Cosmetics 27 Gua Sha from Mecca
Aceology Mermaid Gua Sha from The Iconic
Skin Gym Gua Sha Heart from Sephora
Mount Lai Stainless Steel Gua Sha from Sephora

Change Your Diet

It’s easier said than done, but inflammatory foods like sugar, dairy and gluten, as well as alcohol, can all lead to a puffier complexion. This can be remedied by treatments, but where longevity is concerned, consider pulling back on your consumption of these trigger foods.

Give Yourself a Cryotherapy Facial

There’s nothing like waking up your face with an icy-cold greeting. Use tools like the ones listed below, straight from the freezer, to reduce swelling and inflammation, particularly around the eyes. This will brighten tired skin, eliminate any dreaded puffiness and leave you feeling fresh and ready for the day.

Denizen Recommends
Angela Caglia Gold Cryo Facial Set from Net-A-Porter
Omorovicza Cooling Derma-Globes from Net-A-Porter
Rose Inc Cooling Spheres from Mecca
Aceology Ice Globe Facial Massager Set from Adore Beauty
Georgia Louise Cryo Facial Freeze Tools from Revolve
Aceology Ice Facial Spoons from Adore Beauty


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