i.am.me ambassador Jaime Ridge

Hailed as collagen 2.0, meet the new beauty supplements transforming our hair and skin

Achieving the kind of smooth, plump and dewy complexion we all crave can be an elusive and exhausting pursuit, which is why we are always willing to try new products that promise real, tangible results. And through these intrepid trials, we’ve found that one of the best ways to consistently wake up looking radiant and ready for the day is with a daily dose of collagen.

In the world of supplements, collagen is often talked about but perhaps not as understood as it should be. It is essential to our skin’s health — and not just the skin on our face. We’re talking about our largest organ, the physical barrier we present to the outside world, and often the first to show signs of a nutrient deficiency or imbalance in our bodies.

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As we age, the production of collagen (and elastin) decreases — a process accelerated by exposure to the sun, known as photo-aging. This often also leads to thinning and brittle hair and nails, the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, reduced cartilage in joints, and decreased muscle tone.

So, considering that not all collagen is created equal, when a product that does what it says hits the market, we’re quick to sing its praises. And we can’t rave enough about the latest innovation we’ve been trialling by local business i.am.me. Its products are said to supercharge your daily beauty routine with what’s being hailed as collagen 2.0 — a unique formulation designed to revolutionise the condition of the skin, hair and nails, setting a new standard in its category.

i.am.me Stop The Clock capsules

Grounded in its lab-proven prowess, i.am.me’s products are unfussy, straightforward and easy to incorporate into a daily routine — the perfect mix of low effort and high reward. This is one of the many reasons why i.am.me’s newly-minted ambassador Jaime Ridge is a convert, including the ways in which i.am.me’s products have helped her recover from a raft of postpartum woes like hair loss and hormonal acne. “Efficacy is really important to me, particularly because I have such a pared-back routine, so I want to ensure the brands I choose to use are the best,” the new mum shares. “Ensuring the ingredients are all ethically-sourced and premium quality with science and clinical trials to back them up is important to me, when deciding which products I want to use personally, and secondly when deciding to stand behind a brand publicly. It’s not a decision to be made lightly.”

The i.am.me range has launched with three high-potency products. Beauty Standard and Vanilla Beauty are geared to improving the general condition of hair, skin and nails, containing the maximum recommended daily dose of collagen at 10g per serve. Available in powder form with superfine micro-granules, they allow the glow-giving properties of their marine collagen to be easily absorbed. The third product Stop The Clock is specifically targeted to address signs of ageing and is easily consumed in capsule form. In line with i.am.me’s ethos of sustainability, the range includes sleek, refillable containers with refill pouches available to minimise waste.

Importantly, you should know that i.am.me’s secret sauce is the inclusion of functional digestible keratin in its products. This form of keratin has been ethically sourced from 100% pure New Zealand sheep wool and makes the brand’s formula infinitely more effective. The Stop The Clock capsules go one step further, combining functional keratin, marine collagen peptides, biotin and powerful antioxidants into a proprietary formulation called Kerbicol, which allows for essential nutrients to be delivered to where you need them most. And for the powdered Beauty Standard and Vanilla Beauty products, the addition of vitamin C offers a welcome nutrient hit and aids absorption.

It is this unique, assiduous formulation that influences the truly unparalleled benefits of i.am.me’s products. “My skin has been completely transformed,” Ridge explains. “It was dull and lifeless and I’m getting comments on how it’s so bright and glowing, and my postpartum hair loss concerns are a thing of the past.”

i.am.me ambassador Jaime Ridge

Collagen peptides cultivated from organic marine organisms are also included in i.am.me’s range, having advantages over their animal-derived counterparts due to their low molecular weight (which results in greater absorption), low levels of biological contaminants and toxins, and low inflammatory effects. Marine sources are also considered structurally similar to human collagen, which makes them more effective for our systems.

i.am.me’s marine collagen is also ethically sourced, derived from the scales of deep-sea and freshwater fish that would otherwise be discarded as a fishing industry byproduct. Tasteless and odourless, the resulting collagen peptides are easily dissolved in water and absorbed into the human body — perfect for adding to smoothies or with water.

Ultimately, part of what makes i.am.me’s products so appealing is the ease with which we can add them to our existing routines. What we have found with consistent use are products that are simple to use and effective, and noticeable changes to the strength and appearance of our hair and skin.

“I believe that it’s what we put in our bodies that makes the biggest impact on our skin,” Ridge divulges. “It is the largest organ of the body, so it needs to be looked after from the inside out.” Her four essentials? Healthy fruits and vegetables, lots of water, pared-back skincare, and a daily dose of i.am.me.


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