Hyoumankind Back Sleep Pillow

Four reasons why sleeping on your back seriously improves your wellbeing

With seven years spent researching and developing Hyoumankind ergonomic pillows to gain a more restorative night’s sleep, Stephanie Wyborn discovered how the right sleeping position can enhance our wellbeing. This led her to develop the Back Sleep Pillow for people looking to explore back sleeping as a better sleep solution. (It also cleverly converts to a Go Pillow, for everyday support and travel.) Whether it’s the long term anti-ageing benefits, short term recovery, or simply getting a more comfortable rest, it seems there are plenty of benefits to back sleeping.

1. It promotes postural alignment
When you sleep on your back, your body weight is distributed evenly, and your spine is aligned. With the spine properly aligned, bones, muscles and ligaments can completely relax after the day’s movement and stresses, and naturally heal themselves as you fall into a deep and dreamy slumber.

 2. It supports recovery from injury 
Back sleeping is helpful following injury, particularly to the upper half of the body — keeping you still and relieving weight and pressure on the affected areas. As with most of us who change positions in our sleep, a pillow designed specially to keep you on your back can stop you rolling onto a sore shoulder, and make for a much more comfortable slumber.

3. It slows the signs of ageing
Sleeping face down, pressed against your pillow, is essentially like ironing wrinkles in, as you force the skin on your face to fold and crease. Front and side positions also have the same scrunching effect on the chest, which damages the skin in the delicate décolletage area and creates distinctive ‘v neck’ lines. Creating a consistent back sleeping habit lets wrinkles and creases relax again and become less visible over time.

4. It assists with post-surgery
If it’s been recommended that you sleep on your back following a specific procedure, such as eye or breast surgery, a specialised back sleeping pillow like the one by Hyoumankind, gently supports you to stay in that position all night. You can rest a little easier, knowing you won’t roll over and put pressure on the healing area.


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