This is how you should be preparing for a facial, according to an expert

Whether it’s to relax and feel pampered or to help a specific skincare problem, there’s nothing quite like a good facial. But the treatment shouldn’t just begin when you step foot inside the spa, in fact, to truly get the best out of your experience, there are a few things that you should be doing beforehand. We speak to Suyin Ginn, facialist at East Day Spa, to understand what we can do pre-facial to get the best out of the main event.

Time is of the essence
“Try to be ahead of time,” Suyin explains. Don’t rush and try to arrive at the facial relaxed, composed, and ready for a blissful experience.

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Show them what you’re working with
You may want to take your current skincare products to show the therapist, especially if you are experiencing skin concerns you want remedying.

This one’s for the guys
Men should shave 24 hours ahead of time.

Be savvy with your scheduling
Accept that — if you want the fullest experience — oil and product will get into your hair. “Don’t book lunch with friends afterwards, as your hair will be messed. Plan for this!”

Be savvy with your seasonal scheduling
“If you’re wanting resurfacing or smoothing treatments, keep in mind that these often involve taking layers of the skin off through peels or mechanical abrasion. Plan these for autumn and winter months when you aren’t exposed to the sun as much. Too much sun when the skin is weakened can lead to more pigmentation.”

Be prepared to put the time in
Be prepared to invest in good skincare — this carries on the good work after the facial. “It’s like going to the gym once,” explains Suyin, “you won’t get results that way. It’s the consistency of doing something — like using good skincare afterwards — that continues the results.”

Listen Up
Keep an ear out and be prepared to follow instructions, as the therapist will advise you how to use the skincare after a facial in order to prolong your results. “If you don’t follow instructions – for example, using more product that you should or not enough — it may mean your facial results will not last, and your skin could be worse off.”

Timing is key
Timing and planning are important. If you have a special event coming up, a party or a wedding, the earlier you can have facials the better the result.  “Our facial skin generally has a lifespan of 30 days, even longer as we age. So for big events, planning and having facials a few months ahead will give the best results.” Suyin’s recommendation? Between five and six months ahead.

Be patient
Accept that breakouts may occur! “Skin can hold memories of past breakouts, and if there is a residual matter still under the skin, it may get worse before it gets better.” Plan to have facials earlier in the week if you need time for the skin to settle before a weekend event. Or, if you want to hide away, plan for a mid-week facial and use the weekend to heal and settle.

What not to do
“You do not need to change or try to improve your routine before a facial.  Lifestyles are hard to change, and facial treatments are designed to treat your skin for how it is normally.  Let the therapist treat, and see it, in its current state.”

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