From Zero to Hero: Our Editor-in-Chief documents her quest for gala-worthy skin

With the prospect of our Denizen Heroes Gala looming, the internal panic that ensues regarding the state of my visage can send me into a tailspin. The toxic combination of age, work stress and the odd late night, continue to take their toll on my skin. And so it is, each year, as the daylight hours shorten, that I consult my little black book of experts in a last-ditch effort to restore some of my long-lost radiant youth before the big night. My programme goes a little something like this…

Weekly Facials
I’ve recently re-acquainted myself with the joy of a weekly facial. Submitting my face to the extremely capable talents of Amelia Story of Room 9, all I need do is show up and she takes care of the rest. Each week sees a different treatment performed based on what Amelia thinks my skin needs, whether it’s a chemical peel to slough away dead skin, micro-blading, or an intensely moisturising mask, each session always finishes with 20 minutes under the highly addictive and extremely successful Omnilux light. I cannot recommend enough the joy of finding someone with whom you can entrust the health of your skin, and Amelia has worked transformational wonders in a very short time.

Monthly Dermastamping
For the past four years, I have submitted myself to the delicate art of Dermastamping — a skincare rejuvenation that should, by no means, be taken lightly. Make no bones about it, this is a serious treatment that involves the piercing of your entire face with tiny needles, between 1mm and 2mm in length. In order for the process to not hurt like hell, you simply MUST go to a professional. The only person I entrust with this task is Julie Sissons from Prescription Skin Care. Face numbing cream is absolutely essential, and the immediate aftermath, it should also be noted, comes with some downtime. For me, that’s at least three days of post-treatment redness that people definitely notice.

For the best results, Julie recommends a course of three, spread between four and six weeks apart. And while I may be making this sound hideously dramatic, Dermastamping is hands down one of the best things I have ever done to improve the overall quality of my skin.

Quarterly/Six monthly filler and Botox
Having your face pricked regularly with Botox filled needles is certainly nothing new or groundbreaking, however, having it done under the expert hand of Dr Ellen Selkon at Clinic 42 certainly is. Dr Selkon is New Zealand’s leading authority on all things filler and Botox, and after seeing her for the past six months, I can totally attest to her superior skills. Highlighting a few things on my own visage that I had never considered, and sidestepping the more obvious and crass requests for bigger lips that quite simply do not suit my face shape has been an absolute gamechanger. I will never go to anyone else again.


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