Why sustainable haircare makes a difference, for your tresses and the planet

The future of haircare is sustainable — proven by the impressive measures many world-class salons are taking to use products that are as good for the environment as they are for our tresses. Here, we sit down with Servilles’ Newmarket Salon Manager, Olivia Davies, to talk about her recent trip to the Davines Village in Palma, and what she learned about the latest innovations in haircare. 

Why is there a big shift to sustainability in haircare?
I believe clients are so much more interested in and knowledgeable about the actions and environmental impacts of cosmetic companies these days. Our individual and daily consumer choices can really impact the bigger picture and we don’t have to look too far to see the effects global warming is having on our earth. Sustainability is becoming more important in our lifestyles than ever before and the hair industry is no different. Davines is a pioneer of sustainable hair care and the driver of innovation for the rest of the industry, with it’s priority to not only be the best in the world, but the best for the world. 

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Why should someone switch to sustainable products?
My favourite benefits would include knowing there’s no animal testing and that the products are all vegan friendly with fewer chemicals and more naturally derived ingredients. Renewable energy production is used to make the products and packaging — contributing to the reforestation and organic farming projects that help take care of our planet during production. Last but not least, these products often lead to much healthier hair.

Davines scientific garden.

Davines is known for the scientific garden, which informs the beautiful formulas. What happens there?
Davines uses this place to study and find inspiration through its organic farming techniques and biodiversity. When I was there it was used to host guests with cocktails, canapés and live music. It is used for a range of purposes, but it was by far the most beautiful and memorable part of the village for me. 

What philosophies do Davines and Servilles share?
Although hair care is our main business we like to focus on the bigger picture. Creating an environment both our teams and clients can be proud of and in which they enjoy spending time — delivering expert advice, experiences and services that help educate and inspire our people. 

If you could only pick three products from the Davines range, what would they be and why?
Davines’ Oi all-in-one milk is my number one favourite and I use it on almost every single client. It is a beautiful, lightweight, leave-in treatment that nourishes, repairs and protects the hair from daily life and excess heat. Invisible No-Gas spray is my close second. It’s a non-aerosol hairspray that also has high heat protection, perfect to use pre and post-curling your hair. The Natural Tech Renewing conditioning treatment I could not personally live without. I have incredibly sensitive skin and have never found a range I can continually use that deeply nourishes without weighing my long, fine hair down. 

As a hairdresser, what difference do you notice when working with sustainable products?
Since Servilles converted to a Davines salon six years ago I haven’t suffered from dermatitis or an inflamed scalp post-colour service since. Not only are the products very sustainable, but they also have the highest concentration of naturally-derived ingredients of any brand we have used. We have far fewer client reactions and are able to dispose of over 96 percent of our waste created in the salon sustainably. 

What impact do you hope this will have on the world?
That it will inspire our clients to make the best choices for their hair and our environment simultaneously; that it will hold other companies accountable for their carbon footprint and environmental transparency; and that more companies follow suit, so our earth can really start to repair.


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