Ensure your office is safely soaped with this essential giveaway

As we return to working in offices, dining at our favourite restaurants and rubbing shoulders rather the elbows with loved ones, there is one habit from our isolation lives that should remain – regular hand washing. While the outbreak of Covid-19 sent slick hand sanitiser sales soaring, it’s regular soap that stops the spread of the virus most effectively.

“Washing hands with soap and warm to hot water is still the most effective way to get rid of germs,” says Pablo Kraus, Ecostore’s Managing Director. “And despite what you may think, this doesn’t need to mean reaching for a nasty chemical-laden product. Ecostore handwash is just as effective at killing germs, while being kind to the environment and your skin at the same time.”

To accommodate more frequent hand lathering from responsible people, Ecostore has released two newly designed, larger sized hand wash bottles, with a 425ml pump pack and an 850ml refill. The upsized range includes Mint & Manuka Honey, Vanilla & Coconut, Lemongrass and Ultra Sensitive.

“It’s important to wash our hands more regularly than usual; before we leave the house, when we come home, before meals, after using the bathroom, or after touching any shared surface outside our homes,” Kraus says. “Hand sanitiser definitely has its place for those moments when we can’t get to a basin to wash our hands, but it’s important to stress that hand sanitiser does not remove bacteria like hand wash does. Hand sanitiser simply neutralises the bacteria, but leaves it on your hands, allowing it to resurge later.” 

“So stick to hand washing as often as you can, for at least 20 seconds, then rinse with water and dry hands thoroughly. And remember it doesn’t need to be with Hand Wash – any Ecostore bar soap, body wash or even dish liquid will do the job.”

To celebrate the launch of Ecostore’s newly designed hand wash bottles, we have four back to business packs to giveaway for your home or office. Each pack includes six 450ml hand wash bottles and one 850ml refill. Prize will be drawn on Friday 29th May with the winners notified by email.

To enter go here.

*This competition is now closed*


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