Whatever your hair type, this all-encompassing range will help you achieve a sleek, manageable mane

Regardless of what the haircare giants claim, there really isn’t a one-fits-all product that is capable of styling every hair type — but there is a one-fits-all brand. Understanding that each individual mane requires its own styling elixir, Haircare brand Evo — available from Haircare New Zealand — has crafted the perfect product for every style, texture, length and condition. Whether you are catering to thin, fine hair or dry and brittle ends, an unruly head of curls or a damaged dye job, these are the best products to suit your particular needs.

For fine and straight 
Yearning for a bit of oomph? Say goodbye to limp tresses with Haze Styling Powder: It nails the impossible and adds volume to thin hair without weighing it down. 

For thick and straight
Take the dullness out of thick hair with Love Touch Shine Spray. The weightless finishing product will inject a dose of shine and gloss into even the most lacklustre locks. 

For frizz-prone
A small dollop of Casual Act Moulding Whip helps tame those pesky flyaways by locking the hair into place, all while giving locks a healthy, light reflecting shine.

For big waves
A spritz of Salty Dog Salt Spray is a sure-fire way to help those waves reach their full potential, all while eliminating fluffy ends.

For tight curls
Liquid Rollers allows each tightly wound curl to really have its moment in the sun, by detangling individual locks and adding shine. Especially brilliant for curls that have been subject to mane drying heat damage.

For brittle hair 
If dry, brittle hair is your worst enemy, Happy Campers Wearable Treatment will strengthen and protect while adding moisture and a touch of style support to a frazzled mop.

For colour treated
Evo Fabuloso‘s range of Colour Intensifying Conditioners boosts fading colour treatments while reintroducing moisture and shine, ensuring you can stretch a little bit further between each dye job.


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