Ecostore leads the sustainable charge once again with this genius product

Once again taking the lead in the bid to reduce plastic waste and offer cleaner, safer products for the home and body, Ecostore has just launched its new Cleaner Concentrates — and they’re genius.

Packed in tiny glass bottles with recyclable lids (creating 90 percent less plastic waste), the formulas are 10-times concentrated and are designed to be combined with tap water in reusable spray bottles. When mixed with water, they boast the exact same cleaning power as Ecostore’s regular 500ml spray cleaners.

“Every time our customer uses the new ecostore refill concentrate bottle, they use 90 percent less plastic waste because each spray head lasts for 24 refills,” says Ecostore group CEO Pablo Kraus. “This can make a 1.46kg of plastic saving and we can divert 6,450kgs of plastic waste from landfills each year.”

There are currently three variations of Cleaner Concentrate available, all made from plant-based ingredients and enabling the user to tackle different areas of the house with ease. 

The Multi-Purpose Cleaner Refill Concentrate is an effective antibacterial cleaner that makes cleaning oil, food, dust and dirt a breeze. It can be used on hard household surfaces, bench tops, appliances and walls — while the Glass Cleaner Refill Concentrate is perfect for leaving a streak-free finish on windows, mirrors and glass surfaces.

The Bathroom and Shower Refill Concentrate cuts easily through dirt, soap scum and hard water spots using citric acid — a safer alternative to Benzalkonium Chloride that is proven to kill common household germs and bacteria. 

The release of these new products couldn’t have come at a better time, with World Environment Day on Saturday 5th of June prompts us to once again be reminded that we have a long way to go in terms of reducing our plastic footprint. But by embracing this inspiring new initiative from Ecostore we can play a small part in the wider cause.

When it comes to individual progress, an accumulation of small actions carried out consistently everyday makes a difference, and with Ecostore’s Cleaner Concentrates, you can be sure that you can keep both your home and your conscience spick and span.


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