Ecostore closes the loop with trailblazing new bottle collection system

In an unprecedented and trailblazing move, the much respected New Zealand home and body care brand Ecostore is taking full responsibility for the afterlife and disposal of its packaging with a newly-announced bottle collection system. 

Consumers can be assured that the bottle ‘recall’ as they calling it, is not due to any packaging or product fault, but rather an impressive response to the critical need to take pressure off our country’s overwhelmed waste and recycling system. And remarkably the new program has the potential to take millions of bottles out of the waste systems in the short-term alone. 

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Customers are urged to take their bottles to more than 100 partnering schools, speciality grocery stores and Ecostore refill stations that have been set up as collection points across the country. 

Ecostore Group CEO Pablo Kraus is determined to add something positive to 2020, and define it as the year that businesses step up and take action and responsibility for the waste they create.

“Our company is guided by the principle of ‘planet before profit’, yet we know that our bottles, despite using sustainable and renewable sugar plastic, are part of the problem,” he says. “I’m so proud of my team who have worked tirelessly over the last year to develop New Zealand’s first comprehensive closed loop system for household and personal care products through our Plastic Return Programme.”

“Issuing this Permanent Bottle Recall is a way of highlighting the urgency of the problem, while presenting a positive solution,” says Ecostore Group Marketing Director Jemma Whiten. “While our programme is viewed as a starting point, the aim is to create a system that can be scaled across many businesses to drive change and maximise the amount of plastic taken out of our overwhelmed system.” 

Ecostore has already been trialing this programme with nine schools to great success, and is now ready to engage the wider population to educate communities around the importance of creating a circular recycling model.

To learn more about the program and where you can drop off your old Ecostore bottles, visit their website for further information.


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