Bottles at the ready, Ecostore’s first-ever refill event is making caring for the environment easier than ever

In an effort to tackle our “make-take-waste” culture, a group of consciously-minded local brands have banded together to draw attention to the vital need for action with Auckland’s inaugural refill event.

Taking place this Friday, 26th of March, and organised by Ecostore, along with Lewis Road Creamery, Chia Sisters, Again Again, Kōkako, The Food Truck Collective and Batchwell, the event will see each business set up in Britomart’s Takutai Square from 11AM until 2:30PM.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their own containers for special offers from each business — from a free Kōkako coffee if you bring your own reusable cup, to free Ecostore refills with purchase of a $3 limited edition aluminium refill bottle. The Food Truck Collective will also be providing tasty eats by Double Dutch Fries, Grownup Donuts, and more.

“Waste is a very large problem that can’t be fixed with just one solution, so businesses need to have many different options,” wrote representatives from the brands in an article for Stuff. With this refill event, they are aiming to reduce plastic waste by educating others about the incredibly important circular economy, through reuse and refilling. “We want to showcase how a business can take transformative action and inspire system-wide change.”

The circular economy is the future of effective waste management, better even than chucking our used packaging and items in the recycling bin, and ensuring they stay out of landfill by reusing and repurposing. Each year, says the group, 295 million single-use cups are sent to landfill in Aotearoa, all producing methane as they degrade.

While reuse systems are new and still take some working out, they are our best hope for combatting our emissions and staying true to our clean, green reputation. So, why not start by grabbing some of your containers from home, and heading down to Britomart on your lunch break, where these inspiring businesses will give you all the incentive you need to kick off some great new habits.

Refill Event by Ecostore
Friday, 26th March

11AM — 2:30PM
Takutai Square,


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