Feeling tense? East Day Spa’s Thai massage is heaven for fans of deep-tissue and acupressure techniques

When it comes to massage, there is certainly a time and place for a gentle method that lulls the recipient into a state of soporific bliss. However, sometimes a firmer hand is required, and when this is the case we will be turning to East Day Spa’s brand new Thai massage. 

The most recent addition to the world-class spa’s roster of beauty and wellness treatments, this oil free massage is not for the faint-hearted. A firm, strong massage that combines pressure point and acupressure therapy with assisted stretching, the East Thai massage is performed by master therapist Wii, whose experience hails from spa royalty palaces like the Mandarin Oriental and The Four Seasons Hotels.

Designed to relieve tension and improve flexibility, this massage is performed on a fully-clothed recipient (loose, comfortable clothing is encouraged, with East Day Spa providing soft pajama trousers to wear), and is recommended for those who love a strong, deep tissue experience. 

To begin with, the body is warmed up through a combination of acupressure and deep compressions, before the therapist begins working through yoga-like stretching exercises that are tailored to each individual need. Whether the problem area is a tense neck and shoulders, sore legs or back, this highly-bespoke massage will be customised to address it, with no two sessions the same. 

The effects are almost instantaneous — expect an increased range of motion, better posture and reduced joint pain. Rather than feeling like you need a nap afterwards, the East Thai massage will leave you feeling elongated, invigorated and energised, for far longer than just the duration of the appointment.


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