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Considering a natural-looking injectable? This revitalising skin booster should be on your radar

For many of us, a well-rounded skincare routine can include minor cosmetic procedures such as natural-looking injectables. Often utilised to give the impression of a more youthful visage, what previously may have been an area of beauty kept under wraps and relegated to the ‘overly done’ cohort, injectables are now being embraced by many. This is thanks to a new raft of treatments that subtly enhance natural beauty without radically changing your appearance.

One such option is BELOTERO® Revive — a skin-boosting dermal filler that deeply hydrates and revitalises skin without drastic volume changes, lauded for its ability to reinvigorate lacklustre skin.

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It works by combining two powerhouse ingredients — hyaluronic acid and glycerol, to provide deep hydration from within for up to nine months*, delivering that ‘fresh from holiday’ glow and reviving skin’s natural vitality. Unlike traditional dermal fillers, its purpose is not to add volume, but instead deliver a natural-looking boost to rejuvenate your complexion.

Before & After

After — Patient treated with BELOTERO® Revive. Individual results may vary.

The injectable format allows for a more targeted approach — with product distributed specifically where it is needed, enabling it to work beneath the skin to provide deep hydration and target the effects of sun damage, improve overall firmness, enhance skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation and restore natural radiance.

BELOTERO® Revive has the ability to improve the skin’s texture and helps to achieve that all-important (and ever-elusive) glow. This is achieved via a combination of hyaluronic acid, which is known for its ability to provide unmatched levels of hydration, and glycerol — another potent hydration agent that binds water to lock moisture in your skin. The synergy of the two powerful ingredients delivers incredible hydration, boosting the skin’s moisture levels resulting in a healthy, more youthful visage.

For more information on BELOTERO® Revive and how to find your local clinic, see here.

*Hertz-Kleptow D et al. Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol. 2019; 12:563-572. BELOTERO® Revive is an injectable resorbable implant intended to treat early-signs of photodamaged skin via rehydration of dry and very dry skin and smoothening of superficial fine lines. BELOTERO® Revive is indicated for treatment of early signs of photodamaged facial skin, as characterised by dehydration and presence of superficial fine lines. You should tell your practitioner and avoid treatment with BELOTERO® if you: have had an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients; if you tend to develop keloids or heavy scars; have any bleeding disorders, poor wound healing, inflamed or infected skin, general infection or active auto-immune disease; are under the age of 18; are pregnant or breastfeeding. Please inform your practitioner of any diseases you have or have had. These include in particular cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, epilepsy, liver or kidney problems, skin infections or severe allergies. If you take medication or vitamins, have had previous cosmetic procedures, or have been treated with other implants, please inform your practitioner. Always read the label and consult your Healthcare Professional for more information. This medical device must be administered by a Healthcare Professional. For information about how Merz handles personal data, please see Merz General Data Protection Information Notice at Copyright © 2024. Merz Australia Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. BELOTERO®, Merz Aesthetics and the Merz Aesthetics logo are registered trademarks of Merz Pharma GMbH & Co. KGaA.Merz Australia Pty Ltd (ACN: 151 073 559) Sydney, Australia. Ph: 1800 268 820. Web: Pharmacy Retailing NZ Limited t/a Health Care Logistics (HCL). 58 Richard Pearse Drive, Mangere, Auckland 2022. For more information please phone 0800 822 310. June 2024. TAPS MR10593.


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