Turn that frown upside down with the best beauty hacks trusted by professionals

We’re all about levelling up, and when it comes to beauty there seems to be no end to the clever tips and tricks one can learn. From simple ways to enhance features to refreshing your base throughout the day, here are some of our favourite tips to optimise your makeup routine.

For a plump pout:
To accentuate the fullness of your lips, simply add a dab of highlighter to your cupid’s bow to make your lips appear fuller. Apply your lipstick afterwards, so the highlighter is layered underneath and pops subtly. Highlighter in the inner corner of the eye also helps brighten your look.

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To create a fuller lash look:
Looking to add some short term vavoom to your lashes without using extensions? Simply apply one coat of mascara to your lashes before dusting them with a loose makeup powder. Follow this with another coat of mascara for an instantaneous boost to lash volume.

For perfectly blended foundation:
However you apply your foundation (fingers, sponge or brush), to achieve a truly natural finish, always start by applying one amount of foundation to your nose and under your eyes and blend outwards. Generally these are the areas that require more coverage, so starting here and moving outwards will ensure you don’t end up with the dreaded chin line.

To de-puff your face:
While many facialists offer facial freezing tools, you can achieve a similar result at home by opting for this classic old Hollywood trick. Simply wash your face before applying makeup with ice water (water with ice cubes in it) to reduce puffiness, tighten pores and calm inflammation.

For flawless makeup touchups throughout the day:
If you struggle to touch-up your foundation throughout the day (without it becoming heavy or needing to be completely redone), follow the advice of Mary Phillips, the makeup artist to Kendall Jenner and J.Lo. She swirls a pea-sized amount of moisturiser into the skin using a big fluffy brush in order to blur patchiness. Then, use a touch of concealer on visible imperfections, rather than more foundation.

To make eyes look bigger and brighter:
Use pale beige-coloured pencil in the lower lash line, and no shadow or darker liner beneath the eyes, for a sophisticated fresh look. While white pencil has traditionally been used for this purpose, it can often be quite stark, whereas a peachy/beige-tinted pencil will give you the same effect but more naturally. Keep in mind you don’t want to frame the eye with dark colour as this makes it appear older and heavier.

Achieve a super-slick ponytail:
If you’re planning on rocking a sleek ponytail look, you’ll want to get rid of any flyaways. Using a toothbrush in conjunction with your hairspray will help you get every last hair tucked in, and finish with a shine serum for ultra-smooth looking hair.


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