The beauty trend you should get on board with — according to your star sign

AriesGlossy lids
Pair your dynamic, quick Aries nature with some dewy eyelids to ensure you make an impression even when you’re flying by. Appealing to your competitive nature, this beautiful look will be a head-turner without feeling ‘too much.’

Taurus Gold flake
As the Zodiac’s lovers of luxury, you Taurus will naturally gravitate towards anything you can bask in — which makes this gilded trend perfect for you. From skin care products that include gold flake to makeup looks that incorporate golden, glowing pigments, however you incorporate this trend into your day-to-day, we can guarantee you’ll feel great doing it.

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Gemini No makeup, perfect skin
Putting your focus on cultivating glowing, flawless skin will mean that all your overachieving can be done undisrupted by a makeup routine, Gemini. You’re busy. You don’t have time for primers or bronzers or complicated lids. Simply focus on your skincare routine and slap on some SPF before you leave the house. Chic.

Cancer90s revival
Tap into your penchant for sentimentality, Cancer, and embrace the cool return of the 90s to the beauty cabinet. Whether it’s a matte eyelid, a tonal lip liner or a peachy cheek, this moody trend will have you reliving your youth.

LeoExtreme winged liner
Delight your adoring fans, Leo, with this bold, brazen trend that will have everyone you pass doing a double-take. Extend the wing of a classic liquid liner all the way out to where it almost touches the edge of your brow, or simply double the width of the liner you would usually do and grab that spotlight with both hands.

VirgoBrows, brows, brows
There is something about fluffy, full brows that will appeal to your inner perfectionist, Virgo. In order to nail the statement brow, pick up a pencil and a gel and work on getting the arch just right. It will change the proportions of your face and make your whole look feel finished.

LibraAll about Blush
Balance the tones of your face, Libra, by buying into the all-over blush look. Pick a pink that suits your skin tone and apply the same one to cheeks, eyelids and lips for a monochromatic look that will satisfy your even-handed nature.

Scorpio — ‘Extra’ nails
Accent your passionate speeches with nails that do some of the talking for you. Tap into your inherent bravery to experiment with coloured, patterned and themed talons and wave them about ceremoniously when you speak.

SagittariusHigh-saturation colour
Pops of colour have been huge in beauty this year, and they’re something that will appeal to your enthusiastic, extroverted nature Sagittarius. Whether you smudge a neon hue on your lid, experiment with a bright lip or add some unexpected colour to your cheeks, this is a fun trend that will give new life to your look.

CapricornSmoky brown eyeshadow
We know, Capricorn, you have far more serious things to worry about than silly beauty trends. So in light of such, we would encourage you to embrace the sleek, brown smoky eye. An uncomplicated look to achieve, this is one that will accentuate your natural features without demanding attention — leaving you to get back to the task at hand.

AquariusFace appliqués
Ah Aquarius — you crazy cat you. Maintain your reputation for originality by going off-piste with your beauty look and embracing the face-sticker trend. If anyone can pull it off, you can.

Pisces Glitter eyes
Sure to appeal to your artistic nature, Pisces, the glittery lid will not only allow you to get creative with your look but will also enhance those big, wise, empathetic eyes of yours. Whether doing it in a bold or subtle way, this will enhance your kind nature while setting you apart from the rest.


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