It’s going to be a long, hot summer. Here are the 8 beauty products you need to help combat and treat sun damage

The warmth of summer is well and truly settling in, bringing with it long days at the beach and languid afternoons by the pool — in addition to a trove of new seasonal skincare issues. From sunburn and irritation to dryness and pigmentation, the sunnier season can wreak havoc on our skin. But not all hope is lost, with just a few simple product changes it’s possible to both combat and prevent the sun’s damaging effects. Here, we outline the best way to switch up your skincare regime for the season.

The Cleanser
When searching for the right summer-ready cleanser, try opting for one boasting soft, soothing ingredients that will gently remove makeup, without stripping the skin of its moisture even further. The brightening Cleansing Cream from Sothys smoothes onto the face before gently cleansing and eliminating impurities — all while boosting radiance.

The Primer
Keeping makeup firmly in place during summer’s high temperatures is no easy feat, making a quality primer an essential. Try to find a multi-purpose primer like this Radiance Primer from NARS, not only will it keep your makeup from slipping, but it also gives a hydration boost to sun-worn skin and helps prevent future damage by incorporating Broad Spectrum SPF 35 Sunscreen.

The Lip Balm
One of the first places to fall subject to the suns wrath is our lips, and it pays to keep them protected. Ecostore’s Beeswax Lip-Balm blends natural beeswax and sweet almond oil to deeply hydrate and nourish lips right when they need it the most.

The Moisturiser
While it’s important to find a cream that replenishes moisture and helps restore skin’s natural barrier, it’s especially essential that you find a daytime moisturiser with UVA protection in order to prevent new damage, too. Emma Lewisham’s Skin Shield Take On The Day Crème with SPF30 and UVA/ UVB, pollution and blue light protection is a multi-shield formula to dramatically slow down the visible signs of ageing.

The Face Mask
There’s an array of face masks on the market that are capable of deeply hydrating the skin, but none are as lightweight as Nuori’s Supreme Moisture Mask. Ideal for those humid evenings, when the last thing you want is a heavy product on your face, this treatment uses its highly concentrated formula to restore moisture levels, strengthen the skin’s barrier function and reduce irritation all while allowing your skin to breathe freely and comfortably. 

The Serum
In a bid to protect against environmental stressors, especially the damage caused by the sun, it’s important to invest in a quality Vitamin C Serum. Codage’s No.3 serum, available from East Day Spa and Spring Store, is especially formulated to detoxify and restore brightness to lacklustre skin dulled by the elements.

The Night-Cream
A quality night cream is a year-round necessity, but during summer it pays to amp up protection against dehydration and damage from the climate. The Superdefence Night Recovery Moisturiser from Clinique focuses on strengthening the barrier to diffuse environmental aggressors, all while spurring on cellular recovery come sundown.

The Sunblock
What should be a summertime no-brainer is still often overlooked by many, in order to keep skin fully protected against future damage sunscreen is an absolute must — whether you plan on being in the sun or not. SPF infused moisturisers, primers and oils are ideal for those days spent mainly in the office, but for those containing longer sun exposure we recommend Dr. Dennis Gross’s All-Physical Daily Defense UV Shield with SPF50.


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