Denizen’s definitive guide to Auckland’s best pilates studios

As floods and storms render our days indoors, we’ve had to be a little flexible with our workouts of late, and pilates slots right into our shifting schedule as a sure-fire way to improve physical strength and posture, as well as enhance mental awareness. As the results show, the pilates studios we prefer are intensive, innovative and inclusive, with several offering online sessions (for those not fatigued by at-home exercise) to quash any rainy day excuse.

Core Collective, Auckland CBD
Core Collective’s boutique pilates method is tailored to target all the areas of the body we want to tone. After travelling the globe, Owner and Instructor Kate Hanline has worked at the epicentre of the evolving discipline, and created a unique training style that is intensive and energising, while encouraging strength and muscle gain. The convenient CityWorks location just makes it all the more enticing.

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Wild Pilates, Online
Wild Pilates’ win feels extra pertinent as the former boutique Newmarket studio pivoted entirely online in recent years, with 250 on-demand classes. In this virtual set up, Founder Laura Mohi gives individuals of all levels the opportunity to have their very own personal pilates studio, whether they have a quick 15-minutes to target a specific area, or time to really sweat. Most of all, it’s about finding that wellbeing connection.

Reform Fitness, Citywide
The latest bow in Reform’s string was formerly known as Kcore, a studio they found themselves aligned with in high-performance style that is all about increasing strength, co-ordination, flexibility, balance and general fitness. These signature 55-minute classes work every muscle in your body, including ones you didn’t even know existed, and the addition of Cardiolates/HIIT introduces equipment like spin bikes and kettlebells for a seriously gruelling workout, in the best kind of way.

Sala, Ponsonby
Any regular attendees to Sala will know there’s an almost transcendent feeling that arises during the boutique fitness centre’s classes. With the studio’s renovations complete, which includes the introduction of a 16-bed reformer pilates room, this holistic studio now feels like a bastion of spiritual wellbeing. Whether you’re a yoga devotee or a Pilates aficionado; building strength or sweating it out with cardio, you can be sure you’re in good hands with any one of Sala’s encouraging, knowledgeable teachers (including our own Tiffany Low, who’s reformer classes are somewhat of a religious experience).

Studio Three, Grey Lynn
Viv Gallagher’s Studio Three is the perfect melding of all modalities that contribute to a long and lean physique. Take your pick between reformer and mat pilates, or you can even dabble in barre, TRX and yoga classes, with an impressive roster of instructors that promise to work you hard (in the best kind of way).

The Pilates Club, Riverhead
Found in the serenity of Coatesville, The Pilates Club beckons seekers of personalised transformation. With its intimate five-reformer studio, this boutique haven allows for bespoke classes, ensuring utmost attention to form and the swift achievement of individual goals. In this sanctuary, instructors devote themselves wholeheartedly to guiding their patrons towards their desired results, creating an idyllic refuge from the impersonal sprawl of larger classes and commercial gyms.

Stella Pilates, Mobile
In this busy City, Stella Mitchinson emerges as a beacon of convenience and self-care with her mobile pilates service. Understanding the demands of a hectic life, the teacher aims to bring the transformative power of pilates to the doorstep of her clients, be it in the comfort of their homes or workspaces. With her certification and wealth of experience, she curates personalised mat pilates sessions that cater to individuals of all fitness levels, including those in the pre- and post-natal stages, leaving you with a renewed sense of wellbeing.

Re:Ab, Grey Lynn
Re:Ab stands as a sanctuary where the rehabilitational and physiotherapy aspects of pilates seamlessly converge. With a deep understanding of the human body, the studio incorporates its extensive physio knowledge into the exercise regimen, ensuring a safe and effective experience for all. Their experienced instructors foster a supportive environment, offering modifications and progressions tailored to individual needs, while the small class sizes and variety of props enhance the workout, creating a space where one’s mind and body are worked to the best of their abilities.

Unity Studios, Mt Eden & Northcote
Within the embrace of Unity Studios lies a commitment to fostering meaningful connections and addressing the repercussions of modern lifestyles. With spaces in both Mount Eden and Northcote, this studio curates intelligently designed classes that blend the foundational principles of pilates, yoga and strength training. Grounded in functional movement and evidence-based physiotherapy, Unity Studios not only guides clients towards achieving their goals but also facilitates a proactive approach to health, making every moment spent in their pilates class (be it reformer or mat, group or private) a harmonious union of movement, treatment and vitality.

The Pilates Room, Pukekohe
Since its establishment in 2018, this boutique studio has been a haven of transformation, offering a diverse range of reformer, equipment and barre classes, as well as private training options and rehabilitation support. With a focus on integrating body, breath, movement and awareness, The Pilates Room nurtures a deep understanding of personal health and wellbeing, inviting individuals at any stage of their journey to reconnect with their bodies.

Katie Swift Pilates, Mobile
As a fully qualified instructor, pregnancy and postpartum specialist, and a registered member of NZ REPs, Katie Swift’s credentials lend credence to her ability to guide one’s pilates journey. With a background as an ex-professional dancer and international fitness teacher trainer, her refined skills are infused into each in-person session, be it at her Pukekohe studio or within the comforts of one’s own home. For those seeking flexibility and convenience, Swift also extends the option of delving into the realm of online pilates through their comprehensive on-demand library, transcending physical boundaries and providing access to transformative workouts at your beck and call.


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