8 things your hairdresser wants you to know

As the tamers of the tresses, wizards of the weave and gatekeepers of the glam, it is important to keep your hairstylist on side. So, in an effort to maintain an immaculate client-customer relationship with the person keeping your locks lush, we’ve hunted down the eight things your hairdresser really thinks you ought to know.

1. A change needn’t mean a chop
A new boyfriend, job or birthday around the corner and feel like a fresh look to match? Often it could be as simple as trying a new part, a scattering of lowlights or a new way of styling your strands. It may not be the pixie cut you had envisaged but really, other than Michelle Williams, how many women have you seen that can truly pull it off?

2. Pictures are for reference, not replication
It’s great to bring celeb inspiration shots in when you’re getting a new do, but just manage your expectations. No matter how much your hairdresser teases, sprays and styles, they can give you Jennifer Lawrence’s hair but you’re never going to leave with her face.

3. It’s not their job to budget
A full head of foils, plus toner, Olaplex, a trim and blow wave — costs quickly add up on your ‘quick nip to the salon’. If you’re sticking to a budget, best ask for a quote before you visit. It’s also important to remember…

4. You get what you pay for
If you find a stylist willing to do all that for $59.95 that’s brilliant! But just know that it’s going to look like a 60 buck job. Good quality hair supplies don’t come cheap, so when you find someone flogging off their services and products for a steal, chances are the results are going to reflect that.

5. Telling a stylist to “just do whatever!” isn’t helpful
We know you’ve got the best intentions and are just looking to lean on the stylist’s expertise, they didn’t live through your ‘bob disaster’ of 2009, so best come up with a plan pre-appointment then ask for their opinion.

6. Saturdays are stressful
It’s universally the busiest day for salons, so if you want your stylist to truly dedicate themselves to your tresses, book it in for a quieter slot — weekday mornings are a good shout if you can swing it.

7. Be honest
If you don’t like the outcome, don’t wait until you’re in your car to start sobbing, let the stylist know (politely) and make a plan to change it. Awkward, yes, but better than a full blown breakdown.

8. If you’re going to be late or need to cancel, for God’s sake, call!
Stylists often work on commission, so when you don’t ring to let them know you’re running a bit behind or won’t be able to make it, they lose out. They don’t like that. And they remember.


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