Celebrate International Self Care Day with these rejuvenating spa treatments

Much to my great delight, this Sunday is International Self Care Day, and you best believe that I will be spending every moment indulging in the name of this great holiday and treating my body to the love and care it desperately deserves (and is craving) right now.

If self-care is a new concept for you or something that you’ve forgotten to embrace of late, here’s a little inspiration. Self care is at the core of Spring Spa’s ethos, so in my experience, it’s the perfect place to mark the occasion. These three treatments are the ideal starting point, and a great way to while away these rainy days in my eyes. (If you’re feeling exceedingly indulgent, treat yourself to all three.)

LED Light Treatment
Amid new and innovative techniques, LED is a treatment I will often return to time and time again, as it genuinely, noticeably works. For those new to light treatments, the concentrated waves found in UV have abundant healing properties, determined by the colour used — each addressing a specific skin concern. Red light, for instance, has been proven incredibly effective in anti-aging, and blue light is known to break down acne-causing bacteria for noticeable results. And on top of the healing prowess, a session under warm light is ultimately so relaxing and rejuvenating. 

Balinese Massage
While many of our friends are once again venturing to the beautiful tropical paradise of Bali for holidays, and we’re left watching from rainy home, there is a little Balinese paradise to be found in Auckland too. Spring Spa’s Balinese Massage is a return to the spa’s roots, where therapists embrace traditional Indonesian healing rituals for 60- or 90-minutes of complete, utter bliss. This massage style relaxes tension areas using long flowing strokes and pressure point therapy, leaving you limber and considerably less tense, but the experience is a comfortable, enjoyable one.

Emma Lewisham Regenerative Facial
Shining a light on considered skincare, this Emma Lewisham facial is the first 100% clean and natural treatment on offer, designed to nourish the skin’s microbiome at every level. This 60-minute treatment delivers high doses of vitamin C, antioxidants, and gentle vitamin A, making good on its promise of addressing pigmentation and restoring the glow and even tone of your complexion. When we consider self-care, this is just what it should feel like.


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