Etiquette 101: How to apply sunscreen to someone you don’t know well

The sun is shining and you’re set to soak up all the sailing action, be it on the water or on land. You’ve picked a regatta-worthy outfit and even brushed up on boat etiquette to ensure you’re the perfect guest on board — so you’re feeling pretty prepared. That is until your mate’s uncle asks for some help applying some SPF. Sun safety is important, so who are you to refuse? Find below four golden rules to navigate the often awkward task of slathering a stranger in sunscreen.

1. Wait until you’re asked. Don’t stand around with sunscreen on your hands waiting awkwardly to find willing participants.

2. Do not apply the sunscreen directly to their back. Instead, put it on your hands before rubbing it in. Be sure not to miss any spots.

3. Keep talking while you do it. There’s nothing creepier than someone silently rubbing your back. Ask politely if they would like anywhere else covered.

4. Leave the front of their body to them — unless, of course, they request it.

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