Denizen Hospo Heroes 2022.
Kami Rai, Hello Beasty.
From left: Ellie Shin, Prego; Matteo Mannoni, Jervois Steak House.
Benjamin Mardel, Andiamo.
From left: Bailey Mullin, Soul Bar & Bistro; Oskar Zlatarevic, Siso.
Leigh Warn, The Blue Breeze Inn.
From left: Sebastian Tohovaka, Little Culprit; Simon Benoit, Cazador.

Vote now: Honour those who put your experience first by voting for the most outstanding service person

Come for the food, stay for the service — in the hospitality game, never a truer word has been spoken. While the talented chefs set the menu, the service sets the scene for your meal, with staff putting their craft into motion day after day, night after night to deliver an unforgettable dining experience. From bartenders to maître d’s to wait staff, it’s time to celebrate the most outstanding service person. If there’s anyone you think we may have overlooked, be sure to add them in the comment box.

Everybody who votes goes in the draw to win one of three $1000 vouchers to be spent at one of the American Express Local Dining Collection locations — a list of which can be found here.

Voting has now closed. The 2022 Denizen Hospo Heroes presented by American Express will be announced in the Winter issue of Denizen magazine (released on 23rd May, 2022).

The Denizen Hospo Heroes 2022 ‘Most Outstanding Service Person’ Shortlist:

Anna Haines, Ahi

Nina Bozas, Alma

Ricky Syal, Amano

Benjamin Mardel, Andiamo

Christian Matagi, Atelier

Sega Philippe, Azabu Mission Bay

Lorenzo Mazzola, Baduzzi

Leigh Warn, The Blue Breeze Inn

Leola King, Candela

Simon Benoit, Cazador

Kami Rai, Hello Beasty

Harrison Waugh, Hotel Ponsonby

Sophie Ingham, Hugo’s Bistro

Matteo Mannoni, Jervois Steak House

Omari Vigille, Lilian

Sebastian Tohovaka, Little Culprit

Pabloe Arasco Paz, Madame George

Cristiano Scaglioni, Non Solo Pizza

James Pain, Pici

Blair Russell, Ponsonby Road Bistro

Ellie Shin, Prego

Egor Petrov, Rooftop at QT

Oskar Zlatarevic, Siso

Bailey Mullin, Soul Bar & Bistro

Andy Curtis, SPQR

For more information on the 2022 Denizen Hospo Heroes presented by American Express, click here.

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