This new Ponsonby hot dog spot is utterly indulgent and decidedly delicious

Try as we might, there are some outposts that make sticking to a healthy diet difficult. This week’s vice? Gourmet American hot dogs, courtesy of Ponsonby Central’s newest opening. As of last week, The Dog Spot has been our go-to purveyor of this beloved snack — and trust us, once you try them, you won’t go back.

The tour de force, of course, is the sausages, which hail from the award-winning Westmere Butcher. From there, each hot dog is inspired by an international flavour. From Texas to Tijuana, they’re all just as indulgent as the next. Call us classic, but we tend to lean towards the Frankfurt, topped with caramelised onions, sauerkraut and mustard. But we’ve been known to be partial to a side of loaded fries too…

And what’s a hot dog without a milkshake? The Dog Spot’s iterations are topped with churros to really round out the palette. Because, after all, if you’re going to dip your toes in, why not embrace the cuisine entirely? Beloved by our Editor-in-chief and her young children, The Dog Spot is another welcome addition to Ponsonby Central’s already impressive stable — and one you need to try before the word gets out.

Is there a new opening you believe should be on our radar? Let us know at [email protected]

The Dog Spot

Ponsonby Central,
4 Brown Street,
Ponsonby, Auckland


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