Mini Lobster Rolls with Hendrick's Gin Original Dry Martini & Lunar Martini

Mini Lobster Rolls and Tini Martinis collide in Bivacco’s delicious new offering

As spring edges nearer and the sun emerges from behind the clouds, we are increasingly drawn to the waterfront, or more specifically, to one of our favourite Viaduct Harbour venues, Bivacco. Not only does Bivacco occupy the best corner site in the whole area, but it also offers the kinds of food and drinks that make after-work libations a very appealing prospect. And now, its clever culinary team are introducing a delicious new bite-and-beverage combo that is giving us even more of an excuse to knock off early and pull up a chair by the bar. Introducing Bivacco’s Mini Lobster Rolls and Tini Martinis.

Mini Lobster Rolls with Hendrick’s Gin Original Dry Martini

Created as a satiating (but not too heavy) snack, Bivacco’s Mini Lobster Rolls and Tini Martinis make for the perfect marriage — the rich, buttery flavours of the lobster offset by the crisp, botanical notes of the Hendrick’s Gin that makes up the base of the martinis. For the former, diners can expect small, pillowy-soft (and generously-buttered) buns, filled with chopped lobster meat, New England mayonnaise and an array of herbs and spices. While for the latter, guests are able to choose from three Tini Matini options, each offering a different expression of Hendrick’s Gin: Original, Neptunia and Lunar.

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Left to Right: Hendrick’s Gin Original Dry Martini, Lunar Martini & Neptunia Martini

While the Original Dry Martini just sees the classic pairing of Hendrick’s Gin with Extra Dry Vermouth and Cournichon, the Neptunia Martini offers something distinctly different, where Hendrick’s Neptunia Gin (with its coastal flavours and seaside expression) is paired with prosecco, passionfruit and kaffir leaf. The Lunar Martini is another take still, where Hendrick’s Lunar Gin (a smooth and alluring drop boasting floral essences and notes of warm, heady spice) is combined with rhubarb, Martini Bianco and fennel frond.

Lobster Rolls & Hendrick’s Neptunia Martini

Able to be ordered at Bivacco’s bar as a pairing for $20 (or individually at $15 for the Lobster Roll and $10 for the Tini Martini) this new Mini Lobster Roll and Tini Martini combo promises to hit the spot every time, whether you’re just starting your evening, catching up with friends for a drink, or seeking a simple but delicious, after-work bite.


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