Grow your own mushroom masterpieces with these locally-made at-home kits

Forget pale, boring button mushrooms in a supermarket bag — these grow-your-own fungi double as living sculptures, not to mention they are absolutely delicious. While there have been several edible pandemic hobbies that have swept the globe, from baking banana bread and sourdough to whipping coffee and stirring up feta-laden pasta, the interest in growing and harvesting mushrooms has also grown hugely over periods of lockdown.

That’s where grow-your-own mushroom kits come in, like these from local company House of Fungi. Owned by a small urban farm in Auckland, these DIY mushroom growing kits come in three varieties, including pretty pink oyster mushrooms. It’s not hard to see the appeal — for one, it’s incredibly easy. All you need to do is open a packet, mist with water and watch them grow. It’s also a beautiful and interesting process to watch evolve over time, with the oyster mushrooms’ delicate layers appearing almost otherworldly with their intricate pleats.

House of Fungi’s at-home kits produce at least two harvests of tasty mushrooms to enjoy, so we suggest researching new recipes in which to include them (mushroom pasta, anyone?). They would also make a thoughtful gift for the nature lover in your life, and a fascinating project for children to get involved in. Either way, you’ll be reaping the rewards of more than just a tasty meal when it comes time for harvest.


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