Casa Bacardí is bringing a taste of the Caribbean to Viaduct Harbour this summer, inspiring city-siders to finish work and embrace the 4pm social hour once more

Since recent worldwide events destabilised our workplace social culture, we’ve been re-establishing what the modern working week looks like and as such, our social lives have taken a hit. Where before, we’d collectively work the day away, and come 4pm Friday, swiftly make a bee-line for the pub, we’re now only crossing over with workmates once a week, and trips to the pub or office bar are few and far between.

However, if the traffic in recent months is anything to go by, working from the office is back in full swing and making time to socialise or start new weekly traditions with your team is more important than ever. Enter the perennial purveyor of exceptional rum, Bacardí, who has taken it upon itself to re-inspire connection this summer season. Motivating Kiwis to get their modern work life back and reconnect (over cocktails), Bacardí has unveiled its summer pop-up Casa Bacardí, The Home of Foursies; a vibrant oasis in the heart of Viaduct Harbour, inspired by the coastal cities and spirited, lively bars of Cuba.

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Occupying the site below Parasol & Swing, the pop-up is perfectly poised to become a sublime spot for after-work drinks, located in a prime waterfront position to catch the last of the afternoon sun. Bacardí is encouraging Aucklanders to embrace 4 pm or ‘Foursies’ — the new cocktail hour (inspired by our ever-evolving working hours), which we have on good authority is being enthusiastically embraced. As it happens, only certain drinks suit this novel occasion perfectly, and the pop-up’s signature drink ‘The Foursie’ (which sees Bacardí 4-Year-Old rum paired with freshly-squeezed lemon, Mānuka honey, and sparkling blood orange San Pellegrino) is one such libation.

With a suite of curated rum cocktails, such as a delicious Clarified Colada (Bacardí Gold, pineapple, lime, guava, coconut, clarified whey) and (our favourite) the Quatro Espresso (Bacardí 4, coffee liqueur, demerara, cold brew), we think you’ll be sitting pretty amongst the thoughtful fit-out. Featuring striking hand-painted murals, vintage Bacardí flair and a pumping Cuban playlist, you will need to be down there for 4 pm, as Casa Bacardí proudly boasts an exclusive capacity of only 14 guests (or 25 if standing).

Doors to Bacardí’s waterfront Cuban oasis are now open for the summer, so we’d encourage you to round up your colleagues and head to Viaduct Harbour to spend a sun-soaked afternoon embracing the 4 pm cocktail hour (we don’t need to be asked twice) and celebrating the year that’s been.


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