Vesper Brushed Silver Pendants by Lee Broom from ECC

Light up your life with these sculptural and striking pendants

Unexpected takes on classic styles are dictating the latest lighting trends, where an ornamental approach is turning everyday lights into bold works of art. From orb-like clusters to cylindrical chandeliers, these eye-catching lights will elevate any space.

Vesper Brushed Silver Pendants by Lee Broom from ECC
Continuing the modern ideal of exploring geometry in space, Lee Broom’s Vesper Brushed Silver Pendants are almost akin to a work of contemporary, sculptural art. A divine example of Brutalist design, the pendants were made as an uber-contemporary ode to cathedral lighting, and feature linear, brushed-silver, rectangular forms connected by contrasting circular bulbs. These pendants are at their most excellent when suspended in a cluster above a pared-back space, allowing the play on form to speak for itself. 

Plusminus Lighting System by Stefan Diez for Vibia from ECC
This iconic Stefan Diez design for Vibia is an ode to abstract versatility. Plusminus acts as a statement of its own; a work of art, a subtle room divider and a lighting source for a more subdued glow. Paving the way for new advancements in lighting, at the core of Plusminus is a conductive ribbon, allowing you to drape, tighten, or display your light in whatever way accentuates the space best. This versatility means that the Plusminus light can be used to its full potential, promising to get any room glowing in no time.

Constellation Pendant by Cassina from Matisse
Reimagining the idea of the classic chandelier, the Constellation Pendant by Cassina boasts a design that was inspired by the astral bodies that make up our universe. Via smooth, illuminated orbs made in a white etched and white marble finish, this stunning piece will diffuse the light softly over an entire space and is the perfect centrepiece for any contemporary dining room.

Leaf Pendant by Loomiosa from Desejo
A linear, almost skeletal form makes up the unique design of Desejo’s Leaf Pendant, which was inspired by the elegant curvature of palm leaves. Made from anodised aluminium poles in a range of colours and constructed in such a way as to offer a different silhouette depending on the angle from which it is viewed, this extraordinary light will be a conversation-starting addition to any room.

Cloud Pendant by Apparatus from ECC
In what has become one of the signature pieces from the renowned New York-based design studio, Apparatus, the Cloud Pendant comprises a number of elegant orbs that, joined together, create an eye-catching chandelier. Each orb has been frosted by hand to not only create an interesting texture but to diffuse the light in a beautifully soft and subtle way. It’s no wonder this piece is so globally coveted.

ED046 Light by Edizioni Design from Dawson & Co.
Unapologetically modern and boasting a strong, geometric shape, the ED046 Light is an arresting addition to any room. Made from a singular brass tube inside of which sits a straight, fluorescent light, this exceptional light is destined to draw attention, and can be combined with others like it to create a more dramatic effect.

Volum Pendant by Snøhetta for Lodes from ECC
Akin to a cluster of faraway stars that seemingly light up the night sky, the Volum Pendant is a creation that is best showcased in a cluster. Featuring a series of baubles, imperfect in their positioning, the dynamic nature of this grouping adds movement and intrigue to the pendant’s refined and simplistic form. Despite being little more than a series of spheres suspended in space, the way this light comes together makes it feel like a piece of art, which renders it the perfect centrepiece for a grand foyer or soaring stairwell.

Ghost Light by Resident from Simon James
Satisfyingly minimalist but not afraid to make a statement, the Ghost Light, designed by local brand Resident, is a fixture that bridges the gap between contemporary and classic. This pendant combines borosilicate glass cylinders and LED light strips, in a design that cleverly marries technology with materiality. The finished look considers both form and foresight, as it subtly reinvents the pendant as we know it.


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