Take your outdoor area to a whole new level with Kettal’s customisable Pavilion H design

It is around this time of year that we start to think more and more about our outdoor areas, from their layouts and functionality to their furniture. It’s hardly surprising really, given the amount of time we are likely to be spending outside in the coming months. But this year, we think it’s time to look beyond simply adding a new outdoor sofa or coffee table to the terrace and calling it a day. After all, why not create a space that truly gives meaning to the idea of outdoor living?

That is the essence of what Kettal’s Pavilion H offers. A space designed on the same principles of any good interior, but built to withstand the elements, it puts outdoor living on a whole new scale and will provide the perfect place to while away summer days.

Pavilion H is a fully customisable (from dimensions to material finishes), standalone, covered space that is anchored by a solid, aluminium frame. Side panels (available in a range of finishes) help to define its areas and shape its layout — whether realised as wooden slats or sliding partitions or sheer curtains or grid planters — while sliding glass doors work to keep the interior space connected to its surrounding environment.

The ceiling is able to be made in a range of materials too — each offering different degrees of weather-proofing — and is fully equipped with integrated lighting solutions that can be designed to curate the perfect atmosphere. Pavilion H is also fitted with power outlets and the ability to house a TV, should that be deemed necessary. (And considering that the structure can be made to house a full dining room or living room set-up, this may very well be the case.)

Available locally from Studio Italia and promising to take any kind of outdoor space to a whole new level, Kettal’s Pavilion H will make days in the garden, or drinks by the pool, or barbecues with friends more comfortable yes, but a whole lot more chic, too.


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