The nursery wall features Resene Cashmere

Trying to choose a colour scheme for your nursery? Colour psychology could help you decide

When it comes to choosing a Resene colour for your baby’s room, cast aside the old school gender-driven binary of blue or pink. The tones that your infant is surrounded by will have a far greater impact on their moods, their development and their sleep cycles than you might have first considered.

It’s really just a matter of psychology. Creating a space that is serene, warm and calm will leave any wee one feeling secure and content, so look to colours like pale yellow, pastel, rosy tones of pink and purple, or dusty, cooler shades of blue or sage green.

According to colour theory, yellow is a neutral colour that encourages feelings of warmth and happiness, but only if it’s not too bright. Similarly, soft shades of pink and purple take the benefits of red (encouraging compassion) without its propensity to overstimulate, while gentle hues of blue will cultivate a space that is stimulation-free, that invokes a sense of calm and encourages body-temperature to cool — essential for a good night’s sleep.


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