To celebrate 50 years of the iconic Togo, Ligne Roset has released two, new limited-edition pieces that you’ll want to get your hands on

In the world of luxury design, some creations transcend time, embodying the perfect blend of beauty and innovation. Ligne Roset’s Togo sofa is one such icon, a design piece as popular today as it was when it was first unveiled in 1973. This year, the Togo celebrates its illustrious 50th anniversary and we are reminded of how this masterpiece of comfort and style has become synonymous with sophistication, making an unmistakable mark on the tapestry of furniture design, and likely to continue to do so for another half-century yet.

Fifty years ago, visionary French designer Michel Ducaroy unveiled the Togo sofa, an instant revelation that has since been canonised as a masterpiece of avant-garde design. Born from Ducaroy’s desire to redefine the very essence of comfort, the Togo exemplified the idea of a more relaxed, less bourgeois life, liberated from the lifestyle and design conventions of the 1960s. It was also an early example of how innovative materials like foam and polyester quilting were harnessed to usher in a new era of creativity for designers like Ducaroy. 

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With its low, inviting profile and ergonomically designed cushions, the Togo boasts a captivating silhouette, offering an organic, cocoon-like embrace that entices anyone to sit back, put their feet up and indulge in pure comfort. Its recognisable design comes together via multiple, foam-padded sections that curve effortlessly around the contours of the body, and can be made in a vast array of exclusive fabrics and colours (from contemporary to eclectic) in a fusing of form and function that made the Togo one of the first pieces to prove how the two could coexist successfully. 

Impeccable craftsmanship lies at the heart of the Togo’s timeless appeal. Every part of this piece is handcrafted by expert artisans in Ligne Roset’s esteemed workshops in Briord, a small village in the Bugey region which nestles in the foothills of the Jura mountains. The overall effect is one of exceptional quality and durability. Thanks to its premium upholstery fabrics and resilient foam, the Togo’s longevity is as much a testament to its structural durability (and versatility) as it is to its sleek, aesthetic prowess. It exemplifies the incredible artistry at play in design, and the staying power of pieces that have been made to last. 

Now, even as Ligne Roset commemorates Togo’s remarkable 50th anniversary, the influence of this piece shows no signs of waning, and to mark this milestone in style, Ligne Roset has unveiled two new, limited-edition Togo styles that promises to deliver a much-needed dose of personality and colour to our interiors.

Atom by Raf Simons for Kvadrat

The first of the two new Togo iterations has been rendered in an exclusive fabric, Atom dreamed up by renowned Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons for Kvadrat. Available in three colourways, birch, labradorite and confetti and only being produced in a limited run of 878 copies worldwide, the speckled fabric is a vibrant, dynamic bouclé that was inspired by the exquisite, pointillism landscapes in expressionist paintings and it gives the Togo a distinctly artistic and tactile presence, drawing the eye in an understated but undeniable way.

The second of the two anniversary editions sees the Togo rendered in another special covering, La Toile du Peintre by Pierre Frey, which is a reinterpretation of a work by painter Heather Chontos and features a striking pattern in vibrant colours. Chontos is known for her impulsive approach and work that fuses intense hues with powerful movement. Her unique artistic process involves using unconventional tools to produce long lines and saturated tones.

Ligne Roset Togo 50 Years
La Toile du Peintre by Pierre Frey

Both of these special, limited-edition Togo chairs sit, fittingly, at the intersection of design, fashion, art and craftsmanship and speak to the ways in which this piece has been breathing life into all different types of living rooms, and enhancing a variety of interior styles since its inception.

The 50th anniversary Togo in La Toile du Peintre is now on display at Ligne Roset Auckland. Available in various configurations, it invites design lovers to introduce a touch of that intangible Togo magic to their homes. That said, with only limited stocks available, and this particular iteration only able to be ordered until the end of the year, we suggest making haste if you want to own a little piece of Togo’s illustrious history for yourself. 

For fifty years, Ligne Roset’s has been dedicated to merging artistry and design, and with this latest milestone, it is cementing its indelible legacy — one that, we expect, will continue to grow and evolve for generations to come.


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