This innovative showerhead has us reimagining traditional bathroom design

It is imperative that the bathroom, as one of the most utilised rooms in the home, is practical and functional. But ensuring that practicality remains first and foremost often leads to little care being given to the design. Determined to remind us that aesthetics are just as important as purpose is bathroom fixtures brand Zucchetti.Kos with Closer, its sleek, wall-mounted showerhead.

With the Closer, a creative reimagining of the classic showerhead form has resulted in a silhouette that is reminiscent in aesthetic to that of a sophisticated desk lamp. It is both sophisticated and playful in design, while remaining inherently functional due to a simple three-joint system that ensures multi-directional movement to control and direct the outpouring jet of water. Rendered in smooth matte black chrome, it makes for an undeniably sleek and contemporary addition to any bathroom design.

Available locally from Robertson Bathware, this simple shower room addition is making sure we remember that, sometimes, the devil is all in the detail.

Robertson Bathware

25 Vestey Drive
Mount Wellington


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