6 reasons why you should up your kitchen game and invest in a Sub-Zero refrigerator

Homes which advertise a Sub-Zero fridge in the listing, net a 38% premium over other high-end listings.

We all know about ‘investment’ wardrobe pieces, but investment kitchen appliances are another thing altogether. When it comes to the crème de la crème of culinary hardware, Sub-Zero’s famous refrigeration specimens might just be worth every penny.

It will increase the value of your entire home
You might sooner think of a lick of paint as being the best thing to improve saleability, but recent surveys have shown that homes which advertise a Sub-Zero fridge in the listing, net a 38% premium over other high-end listings (zillow.com). This is an asset that will clearly pay dividends.

It’s an iconic design
Function might come first for Sub-Zero but there’s no denying form weighs heavy in terms of this fridge’s appeal. The classic, bold appliance with its louvred grille is a transcendent style that has become one of the most imitated home product designs ever. And you know what they say about imitation…

It’s more durable than most
Most homeowners might be satisfied getting several years of service out of an appliance but when it comes to Sub-Zero, it’s a product that will last you decades. One of the marque’s enduring commitments is ’to build the best’; Sub-Zero’s appliances are constructed in their own American facilities where they can control every step of the manufacturing process. Only premium grade materials are used, the technology is state of the art and the craftsmanship is of the highest calibre (every fridge is handmade, hand finished and 100% quality tested.)

Your grocery bill will thank you for it
Sub-Zero pioneered the dual refrigeration system, which relies on two separate, self-contained cooling systems to keep fresh food fresher and preserve frozen food longer (thanks to a more consistent temperature throughout.) They also developed an air filtration system inspired by NASA technology that scrubs the air of ethylene gas (which speeds up food spoilage) and also reduces odours by removing bacteria, mould and viruses. Everything about the fridge, right down to its ultra-effective seals, encourages food longevity.

Your power bill will thank you for it
Sub-Zero equipment meets high energy efficiency tests and even the largest refrigerators consume less power over a year than a 100 watt light bulb. Foam filled doors help insulate the unit more efficiently, and the dual refrigeration system means less energy is used overall.

It’s easier to clean
The fridge’s 18-gauge stainless steel exteriors are not susceptible to denting and are easy to keep clean due to the thicker graining in the steel. Need we say more?


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