This modern office space is a tranquil reinterpretation of the traditional working environment

Studio Piet Boon’s Office Brabant is a tranquil, modern space that makes a case for businesses to adopt a more personal, aesthetically-aware approach. 

The Piet Boon RAAF coffee table and two Bo sofas available from ECC, in the lounge mimic the natural form of stone.

The modern office has deviated from its stiff-upper-lip beginnings. Now, more and more businesses are realising the importance of cultivating a work space that is not only functional, but is an aesthetic representation of the values they hold. The nine-to-five is, after all, where people end up spending most of their time, which has meant that companies are increasingly thinking about making sure their headquarters are beautiful, smartly-designed spaces that employees are happy to spend time in. 

The formal dining room’s vaulted ceiling takes inspiration from the barn-like structures in the surrounding rural land, and features eight of Piet Boon’s Kekke dining chairs and the RAAF dining table available from ECC.
Utilising raw natural textures like dark wood and leather, this modern office features Piet Boon’s Ella Armchair and Hero side table available from ECC.

It was a similar approach that informed Studio Piet Boon’s plans for this Dutch office. The iconic design studio took inspiration from the barn-like structures that could be found on the rural land surrounding the development, and gave the simple, spacious structure a contemporary treatment. Designing a visually-arresting, single-story office that comprised two typologies — one comprising two, pitched roof-structures with thick brick walls lined with dark wooden slats, the other offering simple brick ‘boxes’ with flat roofs — the team at Studio Piet Boon focused on creating a comfortable, casual, residential vibe, going in an entirely different direction from the formal office environment of old.

To do this, the designers opted for a serene, unsaturated colour palette and utilised a number of raw textures, including a liberal use of natural stone alongside an expertly-chosen suite of furnishings in sophisticated finishes like dark wood and leather to offer quiet, contemplative moments within the wider space.

Featuring two of Piet Boon’s Kekke bar stools available from ECC, the kitchen champions this project’s serene, understated colour palette.
Piet Boon’s Gijs Loveseat available from ECC

From the delightful way the light stucco walls offset the wooden beams to the private garden courtyard and tranquil water feature, to the way that the design maximised the site’s view onto a golf course, Studio Piet Boon left nothing to chance. This office is an infallible example of the ultimate working environment for the modern age.


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