See how the designers of Jervois Road Apartments utilised Fisher & Paykel to create a subtle, sophisticated finish

In a bid to optimise the space, functionality and sleek appearance of the Jervois Road Apartments, the architects at Monk Mackenzie turned to Fisher & Paykel for solutions that ticked all the boxes. 

In designing the impressive Jervois Road Apartments (named after the street on which they stand) architecture firm Monk Mackenzie wanted to create something that felt luxurious and private, reimagining the idea of the typical city dwelling to optimise space for its residents, and to offer something that felt unique and elevated.

Combination Steam Oven, Minimal Oven, Rangehood and Induction Cooktop
Minimal Oven
from Fisher & Paykel
Minimal Steam Oven
from Fisher & Paykel
Minimal Induction Cooktop
from Fisher & Paykel
Integrated Rangehood
from Fisher & Paykel

From the undulating metal-screen facade that gives the building a strong but graceful presence on the street, to the ways in which the architects managed to maximise the sea-views for residents from the back of the building, Jervois Road is a masterclass in how we should be answering the call for higher-density housing solutions, in a way that both maintains the beauty of our city’s suburbs and keeps residents connected to nature.

In each apartment, the team at Monk Mackenzie had to strategically explore how they could offer luxury, privacy and highly-bespoke interiors that were beautiful but still practical and fit for purpose. Thinking about the ways in which the contemporary apartment-dweller in Auckland might live, they created spaces that feel warm and homely, but that are also inherently low-maintenence and filled with essential, modern amenities that have been designed to keep a household running smoothly.

Column Wine Cabinet and Refrigerator Freezer
Integrated Wine Cabinet
from Fisher & Paykel
Integrated Refrigerator
from Fisher & Paykel
Integrated Dishwasher
from Fisher & Paykel

The best example of this idea is in the kitchen, where the designers opted for a suite of integrated Fisher & Paykel appliances, as much for their renowned functionality as for their minimal, sleek appearance. The Minimal Combination Steam Oven, for instance, has been mounted on the wall in a genius move that makes it more accessible than ever. That, combined with its subtle glass frontage with very few buttons or colour allows it to almost disappear, highlighted only when in use. It’s a similar idea with the Rangehood and the Induction Cooktop, alongside an Refrigerator Freezer and Wine Cabinet are totally hidden from view, tucked into the kitchen’s dark oak cabinetry. And for anyone who hates bending down to load the dishwasher, two Fisher & Paykel Integrated Dishdrawers have been placed either side of the sink, taking the hassle out of washing up. 

From its striking material palette to its sumptuous furnishings to its practical considerations, the Jervois Road development offers the perfect solution to city-fringe living, and truly elevates the apartment like never before.

Interiors — Amelia Holmes
Developer — Artifact Property

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