Maserati Grecale.

Taking the everyday drive to a whole new level, the new Maserati Grecale has just landed in the Auckland showroom

The classic SUV has long been favoured for its family-friendly nature and the comfortable conditions it offers in an everyday runabout. And with kids in the back, a dog in the boot and various daily detritus scattered about the once-pristine carpets, it’s hardly surprising that SUV drivers expect to compromise on certain luxuries (namely performance and aesthetic) in the name of space and convenience. But that is about to change. 

Meet the Grecale, Maserati’s new SUV and a vehicle that is exceeding all the expectations around the kinds of cars that exist in this market. Offering the space and comfort of a traditional SUV (even more than average, in fact) the Grecale is also technologically innovative, environmentally friendly and incredibly luxurious. This is a car that will feel sleek, sophisticated and stately even with kids in the back. It is a car that makes the kind of statement other SUVs can’t. One that not only speaks to the high-end lifestyle Maserati is known for, but that promises to rid your routine of mundanity and take the everyday drive to exciting new heights. 

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Performance is part of this, and was a central focus for Maserati in creating the Grecale. Three models are available, each offering an unforgettable experience tailored to the driver. The Grecale GT is a four-cylinder 300-horsepower mild hybrid, built for the city and designed to evoke contemporary minimalism. The Grecale Modena is the next step up, a high-class hybrid that turns up the power dial a few notches to deliver 330-horsepower. But for those seeking the ultimate in performance, the Grecale Trofeo is the top of the line, with a powerful 530-horsepower V6 engine and a top-speed of 285 kilometres per hour, offering pure adrenaline and Maserati’s recognisable purr. 

Seated inside Grecale, the experience is just as thrilling as the drive. Bringing together the elegant allure of the brand with all the comfort one should expect from a car this size, Maserati’s new model is redefining the SUV aesthetic as we know it. From the unprecedented spaciousness to the finely-crafted curvature of the hand-stitched leather seats (which are both heated and ventilated) and even the interior surfaces crafted from precious materials and aluminium, the result is an interior that is delicate and sumptuous, but tactile enough to handle whatever life may throw at it.

Setting the tone of the cabin is Maserati’s Intelligent Assistant Multimedia system, which puts user-friendly technology at the forefront of the Grecale experience. Maserati pushes the bounds of in-car sound, thanks to its immersive Sonus faber 3D system, creating exceptional acoustic conditions with 21 premium speakers that promise to give the daily playlist some serious grunt.

All of the Grecale’s innovative tech is controlled by a Maserati-first — a dual touch-screen control panel. Drivers and those riding shotgun can interact with two displays; the 12.3-inch central screen (the largest ever seen in a Maserati) and a smaller 8.8-inch comfort display that replaces the traditional knobs and dials of vehicles past. This smart-touch experience is only enhanced by Maserati’s new digital clock face; a modern take on an iconic part of the brand’s history. This smart display lends Grecale’s dash a decidedly futuristic feel and can be completely customised according to the taste of whomever is in the driver’s seat.

Ultimately, what sets the Grecale apart is the way it acknowledges the rich history of its Marque, while simultaneously setting a clear precedent for the future. Next year there will be an entirely green model added to the fleet (the first 100% electric luxury SUV) which showcases the way Maserati is folding future-friendly innovation and climate consciousness into its existing, luxury framework. 

All things considered, it’s time to cast aside any preconceived notions of what an SUV must be. The Maserati Grecale is ensuring that SUV drivers need not compromise on style or performance in order to get the space or practicality needed for ferrying around a family. Be it driving to the school pick-up, rushing into the office or heading out of town for the long weekend, this car is promising to make the everyday driving experience nothing less than exceptional and for that, we can breathe a collective sigh of relief.


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